Thursday, October 06, 2011

More fun using our Microscope

So after viewing those exciting organism swimming in the little droplet of stream water, I decided to hunt for more interesting things to view. I found this set of prepared micro-slides from Toys R Us. It's from Edu Science (Toys R Us house brand I think). 

The set comes with 12 slides with 38 assorted specimens. Retailing at Rm49.90. It has slides of animals, fibre, plastic, fungi, drinks and etc. It is quite worth it. You can see very interesting patterns/designs and colors of the different specimens. Both Reese and I were constantly 'wowing' away! :) But nothing beats our stream water. It is the best because it has living organism in there. Need to go get some yogurt and see some bacteria. That should be fun too.
Edu Science from Toys R Us

Parents, this is truly educational fun. I highly recommend getting a microscope and let your children see the microscopic world! Honestly, I am having a lot of fun myself. I have never seen so many slides in my life! When I was in school, I only saw a couple of slides during biology classes and that was it. There were too few microscopes to share among 30-40 students. :) 

I wish I could take some pictures of the things we saw and you will be in awe! 

Some images I found on the net that resembles what we saw with our microscope:

We saw bubbles in Reese's saliva. It was something like that but nicer with a white background. A lot more and some actually forms beautiful patterns with some rainbow color at the rims of each bubble.
Silk. What we saw is very close to this image but more colorful and brighter. 
Stream water. What we saw was almost like this but brighter. See those black dots? They are some kind of organism and they move real fast. We also saw a few other types of organism moving at different speed and one moves in a very interesting manner. All in a tiny drop of stream water. Amazing.
This is the wing of a fly. 
One of the first thing we saw through the microscope! It's hair.
** What we saw were a lot brighter (light source) and thus nicer as compared to the pictures above.

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