Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Great Online Bookstore

Most of you know that I buy a lot of books from the USA. Buying from a local bookstore is usually more expensive. So I  hunt down books from book fairs. I save a lot of money but I will never get the latest titles especially non fiction. Not to mention a lot of time wasted  and constant backache from digging piles and piles of dusty books. So my only option to get cheaper books is through  Bookdepository and sometimes Amazon. There are disadvantages thou. Books take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive and sometimes get lost in the mail.

Recently a friend introduce me to and I was delighted. They carry a wide range of books and the best thing is.... it is cheaper than local bookstores! Definitely worth checking out. They guarantee that their prices are the lowest around. I did a check and it is true. :)

For those who use Singapore textbooks or assessment books for primary and secondary.... GOOD NEWS! You can buy them at at NoQ Store online store. It is free delivery in Malaysia.

By pure luck, 2 weeks ago, I received an email telling me that my readers are entitled to an exclusive 15% discount on all purchases at NoQ Store when you use code REESE at checkout.
Discount code is valid from 11 August - 31 December 2014.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Science Fair 2014

Dear all, make a date with us on 18th August 2014. Reese and his homeschooling friends are working very hard to make our 1st science fair a success! We need your support! Reese is doing microbiology where he is growing bacteria! He is also doing a science showcase on fungi. His favourite subject right now. :)

Researching his projects

Carried 5 mounting boards and walked 10 minutes from stationery shop to my car.... when one is motivated, nothing can stop him :)

Monday, August 04, 2014

Science Co-Op at Janda Baik

Recently our science co-op decided to have a science review close to nature. We went out of town about 45 minutes drive from KL to Janda Baik. Found a nice river with Gazebos for rent.

The kids did their science review and then we had BBQ and water play in the river. It was so refreshing! Simple food and fun. Couldn't ask for more. The beauty of homeschooling. We bring learning everywhere!  :)

A beautiful location

One of the daddy that came with us! 

Reese presenting his work. Totally a unique experience for the kids :)

Kids favourite!

A very talented mother bought stingray and marinated it on the spot and wrapped it in banana leaf

Our 'kitchen'

Kids playing by the river

Food is everywhere

More food

Roasting marshmallows 


Kids were so tired that they slept through the car ride home

Dark Caves

A recent visit to the Dark Caves at Batu Caves. Reese and his science co-op friends were studying about bats. It was certainly very educational. Learn a little more about bats and other cave dwellers.  You can find more information at

 Reese and his friends all ready for the climb. We bought cheap headlights too.

Reese loves chasing after the pigeons

There were many interesting creatures in the cave

A huge opening and see how tiny we are

 This area is closed for conservation studies

Lots of monkeys around