Friday, December 15, 2006

My moments with Mum

What can I say? I just love my mum especially when it's feeding time! These pictures were taken after my feed.

Daddy's Birthday

I celebrated daddy's birthday on 12th December 2006. It was a quiet celebration with daddy and mummy. Mummy got daddy a tiramishu cake and they ate it in the room while i watch my mobile. I also got a new kakak on daddy's birthday! These pictures were taken on daddy's birthday. Daddy and I just woke up. *Smiles*

Do you think we look alike?

Mum loves this pic!

2 months old

It has been a long time since I last got mum to update my site! You fans out there must be wondering what's going on. *grins*

Mmmm... let's see, a report on my milestone achivements:

Height: 60.1 cm (above average)
Weight: 5.92 kgs (above average)

  1. I can track things up to 360 degrees.
  2. I can coo and scream!
  3. I can smile!
  4. I can kick up a fuss!
  5. I can poo poo so much that it leaks!
  6. I can melt my parents heart even more. *grins*
  7. I can be quite responsive and interactive.
  8. I can wear clothes meant for 9 to 12 months old! no kidding.
  9. When on tummy, i can turn my head from side to side.
  10. I can move 180 degrees on my bed. Mum and Dad find it amusing seeing me in different positions every morning.
  11. I can control my neck quite well now.
  12. Oh, biggest achievement... i almost can sleep through the night! and i feed at longer intervals too.

What I love:

  1. I love my milk.
  2. I love to be cuddled.
  3. I love my mobiles.
  4. I love to bathe!!!
  5. I love sitting in my stroller and being wheel around the shopping mall.
  6. I love watching things around me.
  7. I love my family.

What I hate:

  1. I hate being hot!
  2. I hate to be left alone.
  3. I hate being hungry.
  4. I hate needles!

Here are some of my latest pictures:

2 months old birthday morning

All dressed up to go shopping!

One of those happy moments!

Mmm... see i am getting ready for a bath!

Hey! are you peeking at me?

Don't I look adorable? *Smiles*

In my stroller.

I look so mature.

Shopping at The Curve