Saturday, November 24, 2007

My latest pictures

Looking at turtles at Aquaria

Just being silly with daddy

It's fun to be silly

Watching Barney while wearing my 'Brazil team' football jersey

Playing with my toys

With mummy at Aquaria

Koko John

Exploring the carpark

Trying to take away the camera from daddy!

Do I look like a wonderer?

Monday, November 19, 2007

What is Reese up to??
So much.... He has been very active lately. Always busy running around the house and touching/picking/taking/pointing at things. He doesn't like to walk. He is always running around. He is getting smarter everyday.
He can now say alot of words and also associate it with the thing that he says.
He can now drink from a straw.
He can independantly get down from our bed and come out of the room on his own after his nap.
His hand eye coordination is getting better.
He will take his dirty clothes and put it into the laudry tub.
He will independantly hold his own milk bottle during feeding.
He understands alot more things.
He gets excited when we show him things on the computer.
He likes 'looking' at books.
He is growing taller ( my mother thinks so)... maybe.. because he seems to be able to grab whatever that's on the table top or whatever tops he can get his hands on...
He loves to run wildly at shopping malls.
He has outgrown his current pair of shoes. Barely four months!
He takes shower rather than bath now.
He will 'cry' if his demands are not met. When he wants something... he must have it. When he is playing with something he likes... you cannot take it away from him or take him away from it otherwise he will really cry. He has publicly cried very loudly twice because of it. :)
In all... he is fascinated with everything around him! Pictures coming soon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Having fun at 13 months 2 weeks. See how much Reese has grown?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

13 months and 6 days

Just a quick update on my milestones.

1. I am about 11.4 kgs
2. My height is about 78 or 79cm
3. My head circumference is about 46 or 49cm... mum can't remember
4. I am saying or rather imitating more and more words that people say.
5. I can get up from the floor on my own.
6. I can do more hand and leg movements.
7. I can dance to the beats of music.
8. I ate more food.
9. Can feed myself rice crackers and hold sippy cup and somewhat drink from it.
10. I am more active now... bordering hyperactivity...hehe....
11. I am always busy walking around and playing.
12. I am friendlier.
13. I can understand more words and instructions.
14. I have started to take my own dirty clothes and place it into the bath tub (now use for laundry)
15. I can take longer naps in the day. Usually 1.5 to 2 hours.
16. Generally I am looking cuter and more least in the eyes of my parents. ;)
17. Oh... I do protest alot when something is taken away from me.
18. I am beginning to play my toys in a more interesting way which requires more hands and eyes co ordination.
19. Most of the time I run rather than walk. I am more steady now but still falls once in a while. It's always falling back rather than front and that always worries mom. My head skull must be really strong.
20. I am still a happy boy!