Friday, July 12, 2013


First time wearing a tie pretending he to be a scientist

First time having a whole cup of instant noodles

First time chatting with his friend online

First time drawing on big pieces of paper other than A3

First time meeting of of the director of his favourite site - recently

First time taking part in a competition. Lego's Build Your World Competition. Too bad, his entry was not selected. Reese built an eco tower.

First time being taught by a real artist from Australia (1 hour) and best of all he actually listen and followed instruction. :)

First time on a local public bus. He was sooooooo happy and excited.

Friday, July 05, 2013

Yummy Healthy Breakfast!

It has been two months and we are still not bored with soaked oats! It is easy to prepare, very tasty and healthy. I don't like oats in any form. Too mushy for me. When I read about soaked oats.... I was very skeptical but for the sick of good health I gave it a try. 

I made a small portion for Reese and myself. First spoonful tasted good and then I watched Reese took his first bite.... he said yummy...... :) Then the next time I added a teaspoon of peanut butter and it tasted heavenly!! 

Here is a simple recipe I used for the soaked oats. You can top it with any kind of fruits and nuts and don't forget to add a dollop of peanut butter and some honey to taste.

Soaked oats:
3 tablespoon of rolled oats
1 tablespoon of chia seeds (optional)
2 tablespoon of greek yogurt or regular yogurt
Some milk to soak the oats and chia seeds
A pinch of salt/cinnamon (optional)

Mix everything and keep it in the fridge overnight. Add a dollop of peanut butter or honey (I use Manuka honey) or both with a some cut fruits before serving. 

Our favourite combination is grapes, jackfruit, apple, banana and a sprinkle of walnut pieces. 

I did a rough estimation.... it should be between 250-300 calories for each serving. 

Soaked oats has a lot of benefits.... lazy to write.. just go google k?

Chia seed is a super food. It is a great source of healthy omega-3 fats and fibre and has lots of other minerals. 

Peanut butter is actually a form of good fat! 

This bowl of goodness is just too good not to have! Try it..... :)

Reese: Mum you are crazy! But it's ok. I like.......
Me: Yeah right! You wanted to lick all the peanut butter from the jar right? 
Reese: Ahuh.... *sheepish grin*

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Stuff Reese Knows

This boy of mine constantly surprises us! His general knowledge is great and very often hubby and I can't answer his questions and have to google the stuff he tells us. Just a couple of days ago he said to me:

"Mom, dad's boss is a BOURGEOISIE and dad is a PROLETARIAT." 

?????? I felt so uneducated at that moment. Had to ask my son to explain to me what he meant!

Later in the day he set up a play bank and he talked about capitalism, socialism, communism and then went on to tell me that he used someone's idea of setting up a bank but he did not claimed it to be his no PLAGIARISM

Crazy isn't it??? He talks like an adult! Just out of curiosity, I asked him what is a free market and gosh... he was able to explain to me with examples.  

His first bank :)

Reese doesn't like to write but prefers to answer everything orally. Since he is still young, I allow it. Few days back, being the last minute mother, I told him that he has a science presentation to do the very next day. I wanted to do some revision on the topic but he said no. So fine..... got him some art block paper and told him to prepare his presentation. He sprang into action and 45 minutes later he showed me a human body with all the necessary organs for digestion to happen and a summary of it. I did not help him except with using the correction pen when he needed it. Check out what he wrote and drew below. Amazing. 

45 minutes work done spontaneously. No planning. 

While I was teaching a class.... Reese decided to write on the white board and again I was surprised he knew so many famous people and their contribution to society... Oh... see my name? Reese thinks I am famous too. :) 

The Famous People Shelf

Yesterday Reese did a 'newspaper article'. He called his paper The Star Spangled Paper. He can actually write quite well considering he hardly write anything! Don't you think so?

The Star Spangled Paper

Few months back we met with a psychologist to have Reese accessed. We were told his general knowledge is equivalent to a 13 year old. How did he do it? Reading books and using the internet. 

The Great Pretender

Reese loves to play dress up and one of his favourite has to be being Statute of Liberty. Some pictures for a good laugh. :) This boy is full of imagination...

Pretending to be one of the King of England. While playing he forgot certain lines he wanted to use so he pickup the book and sat down and read before continuing. So funny. He used a blanket, made a paper crown, a bamboo stick for a spectre. 

Pretending to be a soldier. He used a blanket for his robe, a long steel ruler with some plastic stationery he found to form his sword and a plastic container for a helmet. :)

A very serious looking Statue of Liberty

You like? He used a small Tower of Pisa as the torch!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Physical Reese

Reese has taken an interest in physical activities. Has been very eager to try and show off his 'skills' in climbing, scooting, parkour and many more. I am glad that he is doing more physical activities.... this boy needs to work on his gross motor skills! 

Zoo Negara: Learning about the Great Apes

A month back we took part in another Zoo program. This time the kids got to learn about the great apes. Fun as usual for Reese. Did some palm printing and also learn some facts about the apes. Overall a great experience but we liked the previous one on reptile more. :)

Reese and his poses!

Making new friends

The ape centre

The keepers preparing breakfast for the orang utans.

A chimpanzee finding ways to get the food placed in a 'toy' specially made to teach them to search for food.

Our zoo educator Edwina!

Giving the children an idea the length of an orang utan's limb 
Doing palm printing against a chimpanzee's palm