Sunday, April 29, 2007

What a blunder...
Mummy cut my hair yesterday and unfortunately made a blunder!
Because I can't sit still and being so inquisitive...i just kept moving and trying to grab mummy's scissors... so she accidentally cut of my right side burn... side with and the other side without a side burn! :)
I had my first taste of apple sauce made by mummy yesterday... it was yummy and first taste of abc fish porridge. I tried a little but was too sleepy... so will try again after my nap.
Mummy really enjoyed cooking for me. I hope i will eat up all the porridge she so lovingly prepared for me!

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Lately due to it's high cost.... mummy decided to try another brand of diapers instead of just Mamy Poko. She bought me Huggies Dry Comfort.
It's actually pretty good. I have no problem adapting to it and Popo claims it's lighter too! :)
I am wearing size L now... really getting bigger by the day.
So during the day I will wear Huggies Dry Comfort and during the night I will wear Mamy Poko. I am glad that I can help save some money!
One thing thou, I hate to be changed! I will wiggle, turn and worse of all...cry. Now it takes two to change me! One needs to distract me while the other do the changing.
It's Strange
A few days back, after a nice warm shower, mummy decided to dry her hair while I played in the baby cot. Guess what happened? The moment mummy turn on the dryer.... I stare at it for a while.....pout my lips and then....... I started crying! super big drops of tears started to appear and mom was surprised... Mummy couldn't believe it... I am afraid of the hair dryer's loud sound!
Then two nights ago, she tried it again with daddy carrying me and playing with me. Guess what? I cried again... wonder what's got into me lately!!
I am afraid of thunder. (Used to ignore the sound)
I am afraid of loud sneeze. (Used to ignore the sound)
I am afraid of the hair dryer's sound. (Used to like it when I was an infant)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sick for the first time!

On 11th April, I fell sick. Mummy took me to see Dr. Yong at Pantai. I got runny nose and abit of cough. I had to take 2 different medication and also nasal drops. I was ok after 2 days! Thank you God for protecting me. :)

They weighted me at the hospital and I was 8.34kgs and 71.6cm tall. Not bad! I am growing well, getting plummer by the day... hehe..

Recently I spent some quality time with my grandparents from Penang... it was really good, Dad had a knee operation and I got to be with him quite a bit at home!! My grandparents in KL missed me alot during that one week... hehe...

Lately I am consuming more semi solid food. I love garden vegetables with sweet corn (babynat), I like pumpkin alot and taking a little bit more water! Popo found an ingenious way to feed me water! they feed me with some food and then feed me water .... I happily get tricked into drinking! Lately I dislike papaya and I don't like leek, carrot and potato (babynat).

Mummy is going to start me on porridge next week! I will get to taste fish porridge (organic brown rice) with pumpkin or potato/carrot. I wonder whether I will enjoy the new food....mmm... I really don't want to waste mummy and daddy's money...

What else to blog about... oh... I just found out that I have been tagged! Jordan koko that is...

Did I tell you that mummy and daddy want to take me to some talent agency for photo shoots? Wonder when they are going to do that and it would be nice if I can get a job or two... earning my own money for my education fund...mmm...

I will be 7 months in 4 days! Yahoo.....

Below are some latest photos of me.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

I have past my 6th month mark!

Hello all! It's been a while, I have been busy learning new skills, gaining weight and charming people around me.... hahaha..

Things I can do:

I can easily turn over/back both sides and able to lift my head really high up.
I can do double turn overs.
I can make more sounds and more controlled shouts.
I can eat semi solid food. (love it) Mummy gives me organic stuff like rice cereal, papayas, bananas, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, (Jar food:peaches, apples and pears)
I can sleep on my own most of the nights.
I can even sleep on my own during my nap time, thou not so frequent.
I can play on my own.
I am a pro in grabbing things.
I can sit on my own for a short while.
I can fall down from the mattress! (eerr.. that's what happen two weeks ago)

Things I love:

I love to watch my Po Po sing and dance with me.
I love Kong Kong Therapy (playing and having afternoon naps with me).
I love eating.
I love to play.
I love Pee-A-Boo.
I love to watch exaggerated actions.

Things I hate:

I hate to drink WATER!
I still hate to be alone.
I hate changing time.
I hate Sweet Potatoes.

Below are some of my latest pictures. :)