Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ah Pek's Wedding II

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ah Pek's wedding
I had fun in Penang with my Penang Kong kong and Ama. They truely missed me. I got to spend a few days of quality time with them. Mummy and daddy got a break too. They got to eat their favaurite Penang hawker food and spending some alone time without me! :) I am not complaining.
I even got to play in my new wading pool! Still not good at playing with water. Right now, I have runny nose so cannot play with water. Oh, yesterday daddy took me to see Dr. Yong because of my runny nose. I am now 9.46kgs and 76cm long. Doctor said I am growing really well. I behaved well!

I can crawl really well now. Love to stand and already started to cruise. Can't wait to say mama and papa.
My handsome Ah Pek and me

Daddy, Mummy and me

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was my thirty first birthday. It was a quiet one as usual. Woke up from Reese's cry at about 12 am and after giving him his feed hubby wished me happy birthday with a kiss. Back to zzzz land. Before going to work, took a few pictures with Reese as you can see one of the pictures in the previous post.

Went back to my parents place, my mom, dad and sister wished me happy birthday and my dad prepared 2 eggs for me to eat! :) and got ang pows from them. Later in the day got some smses from good friends and of course my best buddy Ash from UK. After work went to have dinner with hubby at Delicious in Bangsar Village. I like the food there. After makan, went window shopping and my in-laws called to wish me too. After picking Reese and maid we headed home.
Back home, Reese, hubby and I opened the birthday present and Reese enjoyed playing with my present(hubby bought me a forever friends bear!!). We took some pictures of him.

I am thirty one years of age. Wow...that is old... :) Anyway... It's my first birthday with Reese and my best presents this year has to be Reese, my precious husband and my family. God, Thank You for everything. It was not an easy year for me but it is also the most challenging and fulfilling year so far. Praise you Lord almighty.

Monday, June 11, 2007

My son and me

Today he is eight months and 11 days old and I am thirty one years old. :)
This picturet taken at 7.50am today.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad experience with my second hair cut

Just had a new hair cut from the same salon. This time daddy came along and snapped a few pictures. "pai seh" I was crying from the start till the end of the hair cut! Mummy and daddy laughed at me and mummy had to struggle to keep me in her arms so that the Cheh Cheh can cut my hair. Ah...'s done.. I am handsome once again.... Next week going to attend my Uncle Andrew's wedding! Must look smart and handsome and adorable and........

Did I tell you that I had a really nasty face down fall yesterday? I cried so hard that mummy nearly cried too... I was trying to crawl and suddenly slipped and PIAK.... then I cried soooo hard... mummy couldn't catch me in time. Poor mummy... got sooo scared... check my nose and mouth to make sure no broken nose and bleeding...

Last week I had two falls... all happenned while daddy tried to take care of me...hehe... first time...face down while crawling and second time fell from the sofa and daddy felt soo bad that he called mummy...sshhhh..heheh...

Now daddy and mummy don't really allow me to crawl on the floor. sigh! no fun. don't touch my head....


Let me go......

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My latest development
Things I can do well:
I can sit well.
On tummy I can turn and sit up.
I struggle alot when it comes to changing time.
I smile alot.
I scream and sing.
Shaking my legs.
Grabbing things.
Things I am learning to do:
Clapping my hands.
Standing with support.
I haven't been sleeping well the last 2 months. Mummy has been praying for me. Miraculously, last two nights I slept really well. Only woke up once for milk!! Mummy is soooo happy. Please continue to pray for me! Mummy made spinach and fish porridge for me last night. I don't like it. :( and I had my first taste of yogurt!! First try I finish half a cup but later for dinner I decided I don't like it. Mummy is going to try again this afternoon.... hehehe... I am such a fussy eater. Oh, Sunday night we went to The Ship to celebrate mummy, uncle Seng Chor, koko Kevin and koko Ming Yu's birthday. I had some of mummy's mash potato and a taste of cod fish from Uncle Seng Chor. I was quite well behaved.
The last two days, daddy has been showing me his ZOID collection. Daddy made a few of them move and initially I was a little afraid and tried to hide in mummy's arms. Daddy and mummy had fun laughing at me. Last night... TA-TAR...... I chased after the Zoids... :) Now daddy is afraid that I will destroy his precious collection. See... I am a brave boy.... haha...
Daddy and mummy are going to get me some moving toys... so that it will encourage me to crawl!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Photos from BUC Boot Camp

Mummy and Daddy dearest and me

Daddy and me

I am freezing...


Deep in discussion...sshhh...

How high am I on the cheeky-0-meter?

Arigato gozaimaz!

Do I remind you of Air Asia's CEO??