Thursday, December 30, 2010

Temporary SAHM's Journey....

Remember I told you about my two weeks break from teaching? This is last week! Too fast and I want a longer break!! :)

So far we are loving it. Last week, took Reese and my dad to Aquaria. We had lunch at KLCC and then proceeded to Aquaria.... Both the old and young loved it. The next day, took Reese to the National Museum. Reese had fun too. Exposed him to the past. An introduction to something called 'History'. I am impressed with the renovated museum. Very nicely done up but lack artifacts. Still a two thumbs up as compared the last time I went (5 to 6 years ago). If you have older kids, should bring them there. Admission is only RM2 for anyone above 13 years old.

During my break, I took Reese to the malls, have leisurely lunches and quality time at home with him. We did some math worksheets, reading & spelling and alot of play time. I took Reese to the play ground almost everyday. He had fun playing with his friends. We played football, 'masak masak' and just running around catching each other! We even went to the club house to have roti canai twice! It's all so relaxing. No rushing for time.

Reese is really enjoying his school holiday. First grand parents from Penang came and spent 2 weeks with him. Then my parents and sister took him to I-city and he also had his first sleep over at my sister's house! He was treated like a king. Then my break started and....etc...

I wish my break is not going to end....

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kids Get Bored When Stuck at Home BUT Not Reese...

Most kids get bored after a few days stuck at home but not Reese. His wonderful paternal grandparents have come to visit for two weeks. Reese was thrilled and is having a lot of fun and quality time with them. Sadly, they will be going home this Saturday. Reese will really miss them and likewise.

Everyday the moment he opens his eyes, he will head straight to his grandparents room. He will play with them, grandma brought along a Christmas Carol booklet to sing with Reese. Grandma, grandpa and Reese will sing a few carols *It's really a sight to behold*

They will play with him, read with/to him the many fascinating books and bible stories, did some craft (Grandma took some lessons from a friend to make origami objects so that she can do it with Reese!), take him to the playground and patiently watch him play with other kids and make sure he is well fed! They only get to rest for 1 to 2 hours while Reese naps or when we get home from work!

TV time is almost non existence. I am glad Reese hardly ask for TV. In fact, we are the ones that offer TV to him. :)

Hubby and I also managed to watch 2 movies and went out for supper in town. :)

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Reese is eating vegetables willingly....

After an episode of slight constipation with very hard stool, my boy decided he will eat vegetables. A few weeks back, one morning he tried to poo but the stool was really hard and I think it hurt his anus a little. I took the opportunity to tell him that he needs to eat vegetables or else he will continue to get hard stool and it will be even more painful the next time!!
Wow, the next very day he told me he wanted to eat peas! I gave him and he ate. I then gave him fried cabbage, he did not refuse.... and willingly took them. Then I gave him fried cabbage and carrots... ate them as well, then lettuce in soup- he didn't complaint and claimed that it's crunchy! He also ate spinnach in soup.... wow... and yesterday night, he even ate 'choi sum' !
I am so happy now... going to introduce more vegetables to my son.............Yes!

My Ambition is.....

About 2 weeks ago, while playing with Reese, I asked him what he wanted to be when he becomes an adult. He very confidently told me he wanted to be a teacher like me! :)

A few days ago, my father-in-law told me Reese wanted to be a teacher like me. He wanted to teach children.

My son is growing up.....

I vow to be a parent that will allow my child to choose his career without much interference. As long as he is happy and enjoys his work and able to support himself then it is good enough. I don't need him to be a professional or a successful business man. I want him to enjoy his life and perhaps able to contribute to society in a meaningful way.