Saturday, July 28, 2007

Walking and Teething

Reese took his first few steps unassisted 2 days ago. He is getting more confident in his walking. We are so proud of him. Last night he had a fall from our bed; hit his head and cried for a long time. Poor Adrian was so upset about it. He couldn't catch him in time. Daddy very "sim tiah"/"sam tong". Hehehe..... as for me... I don't feel as bad as the first few times he fell. I guess it's all part of growing up. You just have to hurt yourself a few times along the way.....

Oh... yesterday my mom alerted me that Reese was teething... I felt his bottom gum and true enough I can feel something sharp. Later I managed to take a peek inside his mouth and saw two teeth coming out!!

My little darling is growing up so fast. Can already see a little of his character emerging! Gosh... what's next...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hi everyone, it's been sometime since mom last updated my blog. I have been well and growing. Yesterday, I started to walk very fast (supported) and at Popo's place... I kept walking, crawling and cruising. Then in the evening, mom held on to my little hands...and I walk with very little support!! Mom was impressed.
When we got home, mom told dad about my walking progress and then.... wallah!! dad encouraged me to walk with only one hand holding his hand... I did it... I can walk holding on to daddy with only one hand for support!!
Mom is also weaning me off breast milk... She is a little sad about it...but for me... not much difference...hehe...
My daily milk and food intake:
8am - Milk (4 oz)
9am - Fruit and cheese or yogurt
11am - Milk (6 oz)
2pm - Blended vege fish with cereal
4pm - Milk (6 oz)
6pm - Blended vege fish with cereal
8.30pm - Milk (5 oz)
3-4am - Milk (7 oz)
My progress:
I can understand "wave" , "clap" , "no ah... fall" , "kok kok" and "knock knock".
I can cruise well.
I can walk with support.
I can crawl super fast!
I know how to protest when I don't get my way.
I babble alot.
I can eat pieces of fruits and meat even thou I have no teeth yet. I use my gums to mash my food.
I will be 10 months old next Wednesday. Can't wait for my first birthday!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Habit
These days Reese loves to lick things. Even the walls! Wonder what's next. He is such a cutie pie in this picture. He looks like a hamster! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My first lesson at Gymboree
Sunday 2.50pm I had my first lesson at Gymboree, Bangsar. Dad and mummy were really exicited. Me too... At first, I was blur. Blerhg! Every new activity was greeted with blurness at first then after some warm up... I started to be the cheeky me again! It was fun... and hopefully my second lesson would be more fun for me! :) Mom will blog about Gymboree and how effective it is after a few lessons.
Enjoying the songs and bubbles with other babies

Practice crawling to strenghten my muscles

I am almost up there... and my reward....balls..

Wow! Look at all the balls and space for me to have fun


A little blur...

Singing with daddy and learning my body parts

See... I got a blue ball...

Looks yummy...

Wanna play?

More crawling exercise

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

9 months and 4 days old

Ah... I am a big boy now. :)

Lot's of development...... Let me share it with you:

I can crawl well.

I can cruise.

I can dance while holding on to something.

I can shake my toys.

I can eat small pieces of fish, fruits and cheese.

My eye hand coordination is getting better.

I can throw tantrum... hehe.

I drink more water now.

I can walk when assisted.

I babble alot these days.

Not bad huh?