Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Reese!

My dear child is 7 years old today. He is a blessing to us all. He is indeed a passionate gift from God. 15+ hours in labour and this boy came into the world with a cry. Seven years later he is one bubbly, talkative, hyper active, humorous, curious and precocious boy.  Mummy and daddy are proud to be your parents. We love you so much Reese. Happy birthday.

We celebrated Reese's birthday a day earlier with both sets of grandparents and maternal grand aunt. We had dinner at Dave's and we bought a nice ice-cream cake for the boy. :)

Reese said... bless the one who cuts the cake and curse the one who eats it! He is one cheeky boy!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Natural Learner....

Many asked how do you gauge his learning?? Do you sit for exams?

Every child is different. What works for Reese may not work for others. Reese is a natural learner and his brain is wired a little differently from us. Seriously! He has superb memory so it helps a lot. There are no exams and really, if you are homeschooling your child, you do not need to have it. For me, by  looking at the stuff Reese draws and writes is enough to gauge his learning progress. For example, we are currently doing an overview of world history. We read together, discuss issues and watch some videos on Youtube and Brainpop about the subject. No worksheets. Throughout this period of time, Reese will sing about a certain Kings, role play, write stuff about historical figures.... and at times, I will randomly ask him questions spontaneously.... This is our 'exam'. :)

All hail to King Reese XXXIII!! King Reese XXXIII died at the age of 160 and left some very wise words for his people......

Wise words....

I have not started LA (English) with Reese and yet he writes and spells well. Reading a lot helps folks! So read read read to or with your child. In fact, I don't think I want to do any formal English with Reese until he is much older. Do not want to stifle his natural flair for the language. 

He wrote to Nasa and we have yet to get a reply from them

Great writing for a almost 7 year old..... "Yesterday Calis Tower collapsed in a storm. Metal fatigue caused it. 1200 perished in Calis Tower. Survivors interviewed. Another 700 died outside. As for Calis Tower, funds have been raised for a new tower and it was built. Calis Tower 2 was an instant hit. It was even a hotel! As for the old Calis Tower, the rubble was put on display in a museum."

Very often I know my boy is learning a lot just by looking at his drawings. When he draws, he will tell you what or why he is drawing it......  :)

Drawing also allows him to express himself and very often he uses drawing to present ideas and concept to us. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Legos!!!

See the happy boy?

Yesterday we went to pick up some free Legos from Reese's art exhibition organiser. I have requested for some Lego parts and what a surprise when I saw the box. Our lovely organiser managed to get Lego Malaysia to give us a huge box of mix bricks and parts!!! The box is at least 10kgs. I really want to thank Lego Malaysia for all the sponsored bricks and parts. 

Reese was super excited when we opened up the box last night. He started dancing and screaming..... "I am going mad, I am going mad!" repeatedly. 

Daddy and Reese working together to sort out the pieces

We spent over 2 hours sorting the bricks and then realised that we do not have enough containers to hold them all! Today I will be going to Ikea to get more containers. Looks like we really need to get another storage unit just for Legos. 

Lego paradise!

Homeschoolers Sports Day 2013

This is our second year participating in MHSN sports day. It was really fun. The number of participating families more than doubled this year and the organisers did a great job. Lots of kids manned stalls selling anything from food to arts and crafts. Seeing many grandparents came to help out at the event was fantastic. It only means the older generation of Malaysians are accepting homeschooling as an alternative in educating children. It may not be very professional as compared to a school's sports day but we are getting there. The kids had lots of fun. The organisers are now thinking of a proper track and field event next year.... who say you need a school to experience such sports? We the homeschoolers are getting there... 

Kids manning their stall
Trying his luck with the shooting game

Riddle game? Can't answer a single one! Haha..

Games even for the little ones

Warm up before the start of the races...

Even grandparents did their part in helping out... 


Goofing around

Reese in action

Almost there....

Yummy potato wedges and hotdog buns... 

Enjoying his hotdog bun made by kids!

The Blacksmith stall! Reese bought a dragon maze and a sword. All hand made by some very talented homeschoolers. 


Waiting for the medals...

There... my boy got a bronze medal for a team event.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Another Lego Creation

Reese made another wonderful structure. First it was suppose to be a very long aqueduct. Then he started to add bits and pieces here and there. Over the course of 1 week he ended up with a really nice structure (Reese said it is a cathedral) complete with a big dome. Playing Mindcraft helps! :)

First it was an aqueduct....

Top view

Front view

Back view

MNS Nature Walk with Dr. Ille Gebeshuber

Recently we had a chance to join Dr. Ille Gebeshuber on a short walk around the zoo while she shared her knowledge with us on how we can learn from nature and apply it to technology (Biomimetics). She is a physicist from Austria and currently a full professor at UKM.  She did a talk on TEDxKL: 

It was eye opening because it is something new to us. She is very good with children. Reese was really enjoying himself talking to her. They talked about animals, plants and later chemistry. As Reese chatted with Dr. Ille, hubby and I walked behind them quietly listening to what they were talking about... I heard Reese discussed the chemical elements with her like potassium, seaborgium, ununoctium and some other man made elements... he was arguing about which was more reactive and what which decays.... and she patiently explained stuff that I don't quite understand... listening to them gave me goosebumps because I realised I can never have a conversation like that with him because no matter how hard I try.... I am not equip to do so. Reese needs to meet more people like Dr. Ille. People who can impart knowledge that is beyond me.

Dr. Ille giving us a simple introduction to biomimetics

Dr. Ille explaining stuff to Reese and the other kids 

Truly an inspiring lady

Monday, September 23, 2013

Updates for August - September

Been super busy.... we will be going to Beijing and Shanghai soon for a break, dealing with house renovation, shopping for the new house, packing and we will be moving house end of next month!!

So many things to write and yet too lazy to do so. A quick update just for memory sake!

Reese decided to go bald....inspired by his dad!

Reese had roti canai with dhal for the 1st time.

Reese had his first tooth extracted and he did not believe the existent of a tooth fairy when the dentist casually mentioned it.

Reese ate a whole bowl of salad!! He made these himself. Reese is a meat eater. Only takes very limited greens. So this is a big step!