Wednesday, September 25, 2013

More Legos!!!

See the happy boy?

Yesterday we went to pick up some free Legos from Reese's art exhibition organiser. I have requested for some Lego parts and what a surprise when I saw the box. Our lovely organiser managed to get Lego Malaysia to give us a huge box of mix bricks and parts!!! The box is at least 10kgs. I really want to thank Lego Malaysia for all the sponsored bricks and parts. 

Reese was super excited when we opened up the box last night. He started dancing and screaming..... "I am going mad, I am going mad!" repeatedly. 

Daddy and Reese working together to sort out the pieces

We spent over 2 hours sorting the bricks and then realised that we do not have enough containers to hold them all! Today I will be going to Ikea to get more containers. Looks like we really need to get another storage unit just for Legos. 

Lego paradise!

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