Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learning to speak

Lately, I will try to imitate what mummy and daddy say. My memory is also very good. I am learning to associate words with pictures or things around me. My vocabulary is growing also. Gong gong and Po po are also teaching me some new words and actions too. It's fun.

Yesterday morning, mummy was soooo happy cause I finally call her 'mum meh' while pointing at her. :)

Words that I can say:

1. Pish (fish)
2. Car
3. Duk (dog)
4. Duck
5. Red
6. Purpel ( Purple)
7. Turtel (Turtle)
8. Bare (Bear)
9. Reein (Rain)
10. Ggggrrain (Green)
11. Ka ka ( Kakak)
12. Mum mum (Food)
13. Pom (Bathing time)
14. nan nan ( Milk)
15. Bu (Blue)
16. Gai ( go out)
17. Papa
18. Ne ma meh ( Nevermind)
19. Mum meh ( Mummy)
20. Kam ( My surname)

I also discovered dancing! You should see me dance. My foot work is quite good. Hopefully mummy will capture it on video soon. :) Mummy has started to teach me more words. She is slowly preparing me to learn phonics and her aim is to get me to read at age 3!! She can't wait to try her hand at home schooling me! Actually she is doing it now.. somewhat... Mummy wants me to learn in the most fun way, without pressure and most importantly I get to enjoy my childhood. She wants me to 'Global' so that in case there is a need, I can easily adapt myself anywhere.

Monday, October 29, 2007

I can somewhat feed myself and drink from a sippy cup!

Ah.... this post was long overdue. After we came back from Penang (Raya Break), the very Tuesday... mummy suddenly decided to try giving me rice crackers and water in a sippy cup. To her surprise.... I took the cracker and put it in my mouth. I am already 1 years old and yet... I am not like the other kids. I don't feed myself and I just don't put food into my mouth! I expect mummy or someone else to do that for me. :0

I am still trying to perfect my feeding skill.... Most of the time I still want someone to put the cracker into my mouth. It's the only food that I will put it into my mouth on my own. Weird huh? As for drinking, I still can't 'suck' out the water from the non drip sippy cup. So... have to take out the valve so that water can flow out on it's own. Most of the time... I will prefer to bite on the nipple and not really drink. When it comes to feeding myself... so far.. I am hopeless... hahaha.... Mummy... I am king mah... *hint hint*

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My latest pictures

At the beach with daddy

At the hotel...

See how I usually sleeps?

I don't like the sea

At the curve enjoying my car ride!

Even thou it's not moving... I love to sit in it.

Roaming around the Curve


At Italianis

Happy.. I had yummy food..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back from Penang and learned a few new tricks

I had a great time with my Penang grandparents. Spent a lot of quality time with them. They got to show me off to some of their church friends too! :)

I also learned a few new tricks. If you say turn round and round... I will walk in circles. I know what is a rocking chair, poof, daddy & mummy's picture on the wall and I have also discovered walking backwards.

Now I can say 'Kar' very clearly. I can say 'papa' and 'mama' but don't know that it means mummy and daddy... I can say 'toe' also don't know it's meaning. Actually I can say many words...very precise too... too bad I don't know how to associate them yet.

One thing I know and can say well is 'mum mum' and 'nen nen'. :)

Oh..another thing.. when you say Reese Matthew..... I will say Kam. :) That's my name.

Mummy and daddy took me to the beach. I didn't like it. So will try that another time. I also had my first stay in a hotel. The room came with two super single beds and daddy merged the two but I got one whole bed to myself. Hehehe...

So many things to share... All in all... I had a great time and so did mummy and daddy. They get to eat eat eat and watch a movie and window shopping too! Thanks to my Penang grandparents.

Oh, I was stuck in the car for six hours before we got home on monday! I only got to eat my dinner at 9pm. Poor me. Luckily there was a banana and two bottles of milk for me to tahan!

Will show you some pictures soon.

Monday, October 08, 2007

My sleeping haven

About 2 months ago, I invaded dad's place on the comfy mattress he shares with mom and poor daddy has to sleep on a thin foam mattress and last week when Penang gong gong and Ama was here... dad had to make do with my baby cot mattress!

So how do I go to sleep? First of all, I will need at least 5 to 6 pillows surrounding me. I have this habit of rolling around the mattress and having a feel of the soft pillows.... and after a good 15 minutes to half hour of the pleasure of rolling around... I will drift off to zzzland.

Dad and mum have been having backaches and neck pain because of weird sleeping positions as well as the thin foam mattress! Hehe...

So... finally they have decided to get me a proper mattress...not just single but super single mattress. ;)

At least if I refuse to sleep on that mattress, daddy will still have a good sleep on the mattress. They are trying to get me a thick mattress that somewhat matches theirs (12 inches). So that both the mattresses can merge and probably it's easier for them to care for me.

Boy... thick mattresses don't come cheap! they are expensive... now dad and mom are waiting for the Deepavali sales...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

12 Months 1 Week Milestones

I am officially a toddler now. :)
I weight about 10.70 kgs and my height is about 78cm.
I have 2 teeth and I think there are two at the top growing.
I am generally a happy baby and only cries when there is a need.
I am friendly to almost everyone.
I love to smile and laugh.

Things I can do:

1. I walk very well now.
2. I am learning to run.
3. I can do many different actions when commanded.
4. I can understand some instructions.
5. I can appreciate music more.
6. I can play independently.
7. I can (enjoy) table food.
8. I can imitate actions and a few sounds.
9. I can point to many things correctly.
10. When I want something, I will demand for it.
11. I can do slight marching - moving my legs up and down one at a time (still learning)

Commands that I understand:

1. Clap your hands
2. Blink your eyes
3. Shake your head
4. Jump jump
5. 'Tim chung chung'
6. Wave your hands
7. Knock knock the door
8. Go 'gai gai'
9. Go find daddy/mummy
10. No no
11. Bounce bounce

Things I point to correctly when asked:

1. Fan
2. Lights
3. Flowers
4. Turtle (swimming float)
5. Balloons
6. Basket
7. TV
8. Reese's pictures
9. Pinky bear or any other bears
10. Doggy (toy dog)

Food that I have tried

1. Cream pasta
2. Minestrone
3. Salmon fish
4. Fish chowder
5. Tau fu
6. Mushroom soup
7. Different types of bread
8. Porridge
9. Grilled or fried chicken
10. Cheese cake
11. Fried and plain rice
12. Fried fish

Things that I don't like:

1. I hate to change diapers or clothes
2. I hate to be confined.
3. I hate to take medication.

Things I like:

1. I like to play with water.
2. I like to go 'gai gai'
3. I like to walk around the garden.
4. I love to play chase around the house's sofa.
5. I like to play pee-a-boo.
6. I like surprises.

That's it folks! :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My quality time with Penang Gong gong and Ama

I hardly sees my Penang grandparents. The last time I saw them was during my Ah Pek's wedding. I was about 7 + months old. Surprisingly I still remember them and within minutes I warmed up to them. I had fun with them during their short stay with us. They were so sweet. They came all the way from Penang to celebrate my birthday.

Too bad, I felt sick during that few days and they were wonderful. They help took care of me and gong gong constantly carried me and distract me from crying. Ama will feed me and play with me. Oh... on my birthday, Ama got food poisoning and since we were both unwell, Ama slept with me during my naps... hehe.

I will be seeing them again next week during Hari Raya holidays.

Gong gong pushing me around in my rider

Still loves to point at things

Being fed by Ama

Ama feeding me

Ama is my playmate!

My turtle float

Penang Gong gong and Ama playing with me
Birthday pictures II

Koko Reuel grabbing his party pack!

Some of the guests at my party

One of the happy moments with mom

Getting a taste of my birthday cake

With my grandparents!

Penang Gong gong and Ama

With mummy and daddy before blowing my cake

My birthday cake (classic cheese)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My birthday party

Thou I did not enjoy my party, my mom and dad put in alot of effort to make sure everyone had good food and fellowship during my party. More pictures later.

Part Deco by Daddy and Mummy

Party Packs up for grab!

Yummy food prepared by Mummy

Hello! It's been sometime since I last posted. I have been unwell since last Thursday! It was horrible. Started with a little cough with phelgm and a little runny nose. Mom took me to Dr. Yong. Got 3 different medication. It was tough. After taking the medication, my condition got worse the next few days and I vomitted many times, had blocked nose, chocking and constanly feeling unwell and crying. Mom and everyone else still thought that being a sick child I was quite well behaved. Hehehe....
Then my birthday came. :( I slept through my birthday party except that mom woke me up for the cake blowing! I was really blur and not happy. After that... it was a blur and not sure why.. I vomitted and got really crancky!! Poor me.
On monday, it got worse and finally mom and dad took me to see another doctor. This time they were told that my right lung was a little inflamed. If the next few days things did not improved and if the condition had progressed..... I might even get pnemonia... soooo scary..not that I understand those big words.... but I could see mom and dad's faces. Not happy at all.
Well, after the change of medication, less cough and phelgm, runny nose just a little bit. In general I am getting better. Thank you aunties and uncles that are still praying for my recovery.
Ps: Oh, taking medication now is a lot easier. I don't struggle as much. I am a good boy. :)