Friday, September 15, 2006

Haiii Yakkkk!!!

That's me practising my Karate chops.....hmmm...i better stop as mummy is feeling a lot of pain from those. And it seems i'm getting punished for it as my secret isle is becoming smaller and smaller. I hardly have any space to practise anymore...which all means that soon i'll be moving on to a much bigger room with glowing stars and animals on the walls. I've also recently learned that my future Tintin collection is growing daily. This is Reese signing out for now!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Pedalling Practise

Hey people, its Reese again...i've been doing a lot of pedalling practise recently as its only 8 weeks away to the big day...i hope i haven't caused Mommy to lose any sleep as i've discovered that i'm capable of more robust pedalling these days including all manner of acrobatics. I'm enjoying myself while i can as space is becoming a premium in my isle...must be all the treasure i've accumulated from my adventures and quests.

Yesterday i could hear quite a din as my white mothership was being set up..ahhh..the abode of my dreams where i can blissfully hibernate in the future.

Ohh..i've graduated from Genesis in my nightly (well ..almost) Bible story sessions and am now in Exodus with Moses. Until further notice, i'll be off practising my pedalling. See ya soon!!!