Monday, March 31, 2014

A Walk in the Jungle with Professor Dr. Ille Gebeshuber

Dr. Ille and the kids

Recently we went for a really lovely walk at FRIM with Dr. Ille Gebeshuber a physicist and a teaching professor from Austria. She is currently based in UKM. Check out her talk on TEDxTalks . This is our second time meeting her. 

The crown of shyness unique to this biggest man made jungle in the world

One of the best hike we had so far. We hired a guide and he was very knowledgable, he took us to see various species of useful trees and plants including trees that are used to extract the precious 'oil' to make perfumes. 

We were blessed with rain just a few minutes into the jungle. The children were more than happy to walk under the rain.... Reese was not amused thou. He hated being wet and whined a little but decided to continue. Before long, he was having fun. He was proudly declaring that he over came walking in the rain....bla...bla..bla.... 

The kids had so much fun trekking under the pouring rain, jumping in the puddles, making umbrellas out of big dried leaves, Reese even dug out a 'footprint' and claimed that it was from a giant Amoeba. Dr. Ille was happily answering the kids questions, encouraging them to explore, play in the rain and feel/smell the plants and trees. While in the jungle, it felt so magical. We mummies also had a good time learning a little bit more about the jungle while beaming with pride watching our kids enjoying themselves. 

The very reluctant Reese when the rain started pouring but later... he was enjoying it

This place is so magical.

A poisonous mushroom

This is a black lily

 Enjoying the rain

 8 homeschoolers, mummies, our guide Yan and Dr. Ille

Reese attended a talk by Professor Andrew Fletcher

Reese attended a talk by Professor Andrew Fletcher on Life, the Universe and Everything. Topics included relativity, quantum physics which is something the boy loves! Surprisingly Reese was well behaved and thoroughly enjoyed himself. So glad that the organiser made an exception for Reese. This event was meant for teens. 

Reese was engaged and the speaker said he is dangerously smart! Haha... Reese seemed to know everything he was presenting to the audience. I am so glad that Reese was able to engage really well intellectually. Just wish there were more such opportunities. 

He was so excited about the talk and he dressed his best the next morning. The cane is his latest fashion accessory. :)

Break time and a chat with Professor Andrew

Reese and Professor Andrew

What is Reese up to?

January- March 2014

1st Archery class. He loved it even though initially he complained about the dirt and mud (rained the night before).  He spent 3 hours with fellow homeschoolers learning the techniques of shooting training arrows. His motor skill in this area a little weak I would say. :)

One of the owners of the archery club patiently teaching Reese the right way to hold the bow

It was fun. The kids practised in a big field and they get to shoot different targets. They have 3 instructors at hand to guide them


Learning Bahasa Malaysia

The boy has started learning BM from me. On his 1st lesson, he is able to construct simple sentences with his limited vocabulary. He is enjoying it. Mummy gets to make use of what she knows!


Recently the boy did something that got me so enraged that I banned him from iPad. No iPad for weeks! So what did he do to kill boredom?

 Make sculptures with everyday things..... Pretend play with self made props....

Reading even more books

Inventing stuff...A gold press machine complete with a conveyer belt and different levers and a pulley system

So parents, it is a good idea to impose gadget less days once in a while. It can seriously bring out the creativity and imagination of your children! 

Reese:Mum, here is the Parthenon. A small scaled version.
Me: Why is the roof red?
Reese: I theorised that the roof was once red because of the tiles.
Reese: See how my structure was built? (Remove a small section to reveal the internal parts). I have added internal columns to stop the outer pillars from splaying out and causing the model to collapse.

He loves architecture and engineering... A very big possibility that he will one day choose a career in these areas.

Parthenon by Reese

The great library by Reese and daddy

Built by Reese and hubby. According to Reese, this is the great library. I am thankful to have a very supportive husband who loves his son to bits. Even after a tiring day at work he will still spend time with his son building stuff using Lego. He is Reese's mentor when it comes to Lego!!

Reese's way of fighting terrorist...


The boy suddenly wanted to try his hand on drawing portraits..... This is a portrait of himself at the age of 40+ and smoking a dry ice pipe! Hehehe

Praying for his grandma at the hospital. This boy loves all his grandparents dearly. He was able to hang around the hospital for hours without whining. A good boy indeed. 


Crazy boy gave me a shock one day. He shaved his head without my knowledge. He convinced his dad to let him do it. Grrrrr.... I don't like it at all.


Playing scientist. Simple fun with science apparatus we bought and inherited. :)


The boy's latest craze. Capital cities of the world.


The boy's 2 pet hamsters. Hopefully he will be responsible to care and love his pets.