Friday, August 11, 2006

I am 100% Male!!!!

This morning mummy and daddy went to Dr. Chew's clinic for my routine checkup. Doc thinks i am doing well, growing and very active. Doc did an ultrasound and it was very clear that i am a boy! Cause my secret weapon was so clearly shown on the screen. Ha ha ha....
I am going to have a room to myself in the future but daddy has decided to put wallpaper in my room and mummy might want to turn it into a temporary playroom for me until i am old enough to sleep on my own. Looks like daddy has decided to go with the glow in the dark starts wallpaper! mmmm.... can't wait to see it. And daddy and mummy did buy me the pooh jigsaw puzzle..and it glows in the dark too.. woohoo... going to have a lot to see even in the dark!!
Daddy... why is mummy always the one doing the updates? Write somethinglah!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Seventh Month!

Hello everyone! It's me again. I am feeling on top of the world... i am getting stronger by the day, able to do some damage to mummy's body... hehehe... Sorry mummy, i need to be active to be able to grow well. I can't wait to meet mummy and daddy, grandmas and grandpas, uncle and aunt and grandaunts and granduncles. Just another 12 weeks to go....

I was not very happy the past few days because i felt neglected. Mummy and daddy were busy fixing jigsaw puzzle! Didn't get to hear my favourite bible stories, why? because they were too tired.

Daddy and mummy, listen up... better pay more attention to me from now on! Oh i will forgive the both of you if you get me the Glow in the dark Pooh Bear jigsaw puzzle!