Monday, December 29, 2008

Penang Holiday

We had a great time in Penang. For us adults, we had all the yummy food we have been yearning all these months! We had Hamidiyah Nasi Kandar, Banana leaf rice, Lorong Selamat's Char Koey Teow, Anson Road Laksa, Koey Teow Teng, Roti Babi, Nyoya Food at Mama's, Lin Chee Kang and Ais Kacang at New World's Park. We had so much food that we each gain 1 to 2 kgs! We even manage to catch a movie. It was good. Go watch Ip Man. Oh...did I also mentioned that we saw a rainbow on the way back from the movie?

It was also a special holiday because my parents and sister from KL came to Penang on Christmas Eve and celebrated my father's birthday on Christmas Day in Penang. It has been years since our family went on a holiday together.

As for Reese, he had a great time playing with a tent given by a relative of my mother in law. It was a really good tent and the previous owner of the tent is already an adult working in the U.S. hehehe...

We took Reese to Queen's Bay Mall and he played at the Jusco Wonderland. It was a great experience for him. He gets to play on a trampoline and also a pool of balls.

We also took Reese to the beach. It was ok. Reese didn't like the water nor the sand sticking on to his feet! At the end we asked him whether he wants to go home and his quick reply was "Better go home..." :)

On the last day we took Reese to the Botanical garden and walk around but didn't see any monkeys.

Tall trees at the Botanical Garden

Reese and daddy walking up to the lily pond

Making a silly face

Rare sighting of a Rainbow

This is hilarious, sorry for the loud crazy laugh in the above video. Reese was amusing himself by letting the punching bags hit him!

Whenever we ask who's laughing.... he will do his silly laugh. This was at the Botanical garden.

Psst... We are back!

After more than 10 days of silence.... we are back. So much to write about. Just drove back from Penang... taking a rest and reading some news. We spent 7 days and 6 nights in Penang. We had a lot of fun and to make it extra special, my parents and sister from KL also spent Christmas eve and Christmas in Penang. We had a good time eating all the yummy food and Reese had a good time playing with his Ama and Gong gong, going to the beach, botanical garden and playgrounds!

Will tell you about our adventure in Penang with some pictures and even funny videos! Might do it tomorrow... now a little tired... :) watch this space!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Reese and my Students

Reese and some of my students. Because he is the youngest, all my students love him and always give in to him! Reese likes to join them for classes. He will sit behind them and watch them learn or sometimes, if there is space, he will join them on the table and scribble away...while I teach the kids. He doesn't disturb us. :)

Being Bullied

What do you do when your child is being bullied?

Reese is a very good natured boy and lately he was being exposed more to other toddlers while playing. We realized that he is always being bullied. He was pushed many times when playing on the slide. While playing with toys in the toyshop even a younger toddler will bully him. Push him aside and take over his toys! What did my boy do? Nothing. He will just stare at kids and then move on or in the case of being pushed at the slide, he just sit there and let others push him. Hai.... as a parent I can only go over and remind the other toddler to share or don't push. I can't tell my son to push others or snatch back what is rightly his!

One parent told me to teach Reese to cry when being bullied. Do you think it's a good idea? I don't think so and how to teach him to cry? DifficultLAH. When at play with other children my boy is always being bullied by both older and younger kids (suspect older than him just that they are shorter than him). Reese looks big most of the time but actually he is younger than many of those kids! Poor boy! hahahaha.....

So is it better to have a softy or a bully?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Proper Homeschooling

For the past couple of months I did informal home schooling with Reese. I think he is ready for proper learning. He can be reason with, he can understand instructions and he has a longer attention span. He is ready for more active learning.

I am all excited to fix a schedule where I will do specific things with him at least 3 times a week. I am going to enroll him to 2 different playgroups. One run by a church and another by the British Women Association. Both playgroups offer different environment and Reese gets to meet different types of toddlers. It's going to be fun. If time permits, I might also enroll him in Gymboree too. I have checked their play/music/art syllabus. It's quite fun and I get to participate with him too. This way, Reese gets to socialize with other children at least twice a week for two hours. I get to spend quality time with him and probably share experiences with other parents too.

I will be reducing my work commitment so that I have ample time to homeschool Reese. I want Reese to have a balance when it comes to learning, at his age it's all about play and play and more play. That's how toddlers learn. I want him to have alot of fun! I want him to enjoy learning. It's going to be a blast!! Can't wait to start in January/February.

I need to stock up on colour paper, art and craft stuff, stationary........ got to prepare alot of things.... I am so excited.... hehehehe.....

I hope Reese is an easy child to teach.... hehehe.... so far he is a quick learner but not sure when it comes to later stages where academic stuff comes in..... really have to pray hard about it. Oh I really hope I can home school him successfully... I have 3 years to try it out. I need to be discipline, consistent, informative and resourceful and most of all be determine and pray hard for it to be a success!!!

What about you? what's for the new year for your little ones or not so little ones?

My little adventure with daddy

Tomorrow is daddy's 33th birthday. Last Sunday we had a simple celebration with daddy. Ama and Gong gong were here too. Mummy cooked 'Sau Mee' ( Long life noodle) and made 'Yong tau fu' (fish paste wrapped in tau fu skin). Gong gong and Ama bought a cheese cake for daddy. :) I had a little bit of the cake too.

Last Monday was a public holiday and mummy had to work and Gong gong and Ama also went back to Penang. So daddy decided to take me go 'gai gai' (go out) alone! First stop, we sent Gong gong and Ama to the bus station, said our goodbyes.... and daddy decided to take me to Ikanao Powerstation to play snow (fake)! I had a good time there and then daddy took me to The Curve watch the Christmas trees that can go round and round. We had a really good time there and after almost 2 hours of fun we went home. Daddy also showered me and I had my milk and nap followed by a late lunch of maccoroni and cheese. Daddy had maggie mee... hehehe...

Mummy was impressed when she found out about our little adventure. This is the second time I am out alone with daddy. First time daddy took me for a train ride and then we had noodles in town. That was a few months ago. :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Life is going back to a routine

Reese's grandparents from Penang have gone home since yesterday morning. Our house once again becomes quiet and Reese will definitely miss all the attention showered upon him by his grandparents and we will miss the night time mamak (supper) and also the carefree window shopping and movie watching, not having to worry going back home to take care of Reese! :)

Everything is slowly back to our usual routine and now I have teach the maid what to do at my mom's place. So far, my maid is doing fine and we are somewhat happy with her. Alot of things that she needs to learn to do but it's ok.

Christmas is round the corner, we are going back to Penang this year. My parents and sister are also going to Penang. Our two families are going to celebrate Christmas in Penang!

Funny Reese

Funny shower cap

Don't I look funny?

Carnival hat and my favourite 'yang yang' drink (Longan)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

My Handsome Prince at 26 months

Don you think he has grown up alot? He is so mature looking. :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

26 Months Update

Time really flies...... it seems like only yesterday I held him in my arms breastfeeding him and wondering when he is going to interact with me, when is he going to crawl, when is he going walk and when is he going to talk.....I miss my little baby... hehehe...

Reese has grown alot in the past month, suddenly alot of his t-shirts are a little short for his body and a little tighter too. His shoes barely fit him. Browsing his clothes at the baby section is no longer possible instead we have to look at clothes for 3 year olds!

Looking at him makes me feel so proud because now he is such a big boy and very much an individual! He has his own mind and wants things done his way too. He knows how to ask for things that he wants, he will tell you his preference when it comes to food, cartoons, books and just about anything.

He loves to run and jump alot. In fact he cannot be separated from our mattress because that is his playground and just a few days ago, I read an article in The Star that claims children playing on trampolines are good for their coordination and balance and other things which I can't remember. So I will continue to let Reese jump and jump on the mattress!

Reese is a very active boy and most of the time he will be jumping on the mattress, running around the house and the only time he sits still is when he is watching cartoon, playing with water or eating his favourite food.

Reese loves to describe things. He will use alot of adjectives to describe things that he sees. He also love to ask questions like 'What happen.....?', 'Who's there?', 'What is that?'. Funny most kids his age will ask 'Why' but Reese doesn't know how use it yet...hehe... Alot of times he will ask questions and then he will answer them.

He can speak in short sentences and at times adding a few adjectives in them. He also started to tell us what he wants like 'I want mummy sit down', 'I want mummy make chocolate milk' and 'I want beauty and the Beast'.

He still like his books. Love books with flaps so that he can open and close 'doors'.

Reese is less picky with his food now and thus it's easier for me to prepare his daily menu. He still doesn't take rice or any chinese dishes. Currently he will take chinese style soup, noodle soup, fried hokkien noodle, fried chicken, steam chicken, KFC mash potato, spaggetti (beef bolagnese), abc pasta with his fish chowder/mushroom soup/ministrone, fried fish fillet, peanut butter and banana sandwich, fish porridge, gramham biscuits, digestive biscuits, yogurt, fruits, fresh milk, chocolate milk, vitagen, yakult, string cheese and certain fruit juice.

His food portion is also getting bigger. He can almost finish an adult portion! When we go out, we can no longer just order for ourselves and share some with him. Now we have to order a kids meal or another bowl just for him. He drinks more milk now. On top of his usual 4 bottles (6 oz) a day he will add on another 2 bottles(3oz to 4 oz)

Reese is 92cm tall and he weights 15kgs give and take. According to the growth chart, his height is 80+ % (above average) and his weight is 90% (above average). I am trying to control his milk intake. Don't want him to be fat. Reese is a very solid boy, he may not look fat but when you carry him... you will realise that he is super heavy!

Reese sleeps around 9 to 9.30 pm and wakes up at 7 to 7.30am. He takes only 1 nap in the afternoon for about 1 to 2 hours.

From our observation Reese is not the fierce type and when he is around other children, he never snatches nor tries to take away things from other kids. If he wants something and others don't give it to him, he will just look at them and walk away to play with other things! When someone snatches his things, he will just make a little bit of noise and then move on!

Reese is generally a good nature boy. His tantrums now are more managable and when we scold him or talk to him nicely, he will listen. He likes to say thank you when he pass something to you. :)

He is still not potty trained. It's stressful for us so we will try again when he is slightly older. Yeah... we are lazy parents.

Wonder what's next.........

Friday, November 28, 2008

Reese's favourite toy

This is the only toy I bought that can really capture his attention. The day I bought it back.. he played with it for 1.5 hours! then later in the night he took it to the room and played some more and ever since then it became his favourite. He can play with it for a long time..... :)

John Deere Farm house set

You can 'grow' corn and have the tractor run over it!

Reese loves to open and close the doors

Why are you taking my picture?

Full concentration

Reese loves to put his whole head inside

My favourite toy!

Reese also likes to play with mummy's new phone

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food Poisoning Again!

Believe it or not, barely 3 weeks and I got food poisoning again. Same symptoms except this time I did not vomit. Gosh... what's wrong with me.... :(

Ate the same food as the rest of the family and yet I got it...... I think I have phobia over food poisoning.... scary.... the pain that I have to go through...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Conversation with Reese

Reese has been talking alot and not in one or two words but in phases and sometimes complete sentences. It's getting more and more fun watching him express himself in words as well as expression. Some of the conversation that I remember.

Reese: (Threw some flash cards on the floor) What happened?
Mummy: Opps... the cards fell down.
Reese: *giggles*

Reese: Fish...see fish....on the light, mummy.
Mummy: Ok.
Reese: Fish doing?
Mummy: What's the fish doing?
Reese: *smiles* fish dives...

Mummy: Reese, you want to go 'gai gai'?
Mummy: Reese, want to drink chocolate milk?
Reese: Drink chocolate milk... want chocolate milk...

Reese: Find fish.... open book...
Mummy: Which book?
Reese: (Walks over to the bin and pick out the right book) where's the fish?
Reese: Orange fish (pointing at the fish).... fish doing?
Mummy: What's the fish doing?
Reese: Fish swimming....

Reese: Hello daddy..... tickle daddy... (pat pat daddy's shoulder)
Daddy: gees.... tickle Reese....
Reese: *giggles*

Mummy: Mummy wants to......
Mummy: Reese!!!!
Mummy: Mummy wants to blow....
Reese: STOMAK (stomach)... *giggles*
Mummy: *Blow raspberry on Reese's stomach*
Reese: *screams and laugh* mummy blow armpits!!
Mummy: *Blow armpit*

Watching Beauty and the Beast

Reese: Watch litterful and the beast
Reese: Wolves bite... beast pain pain...
Reese: Beast 'pom pom' (bath).... beast cut hair...
Reese: suu meeni (so many) birds on the beast....
Reese: Naughty man (Guston) come....
Reese: Pink flower....
Reese: Wah... suu meeni (so many) books....
Reese: Beast cry.... thunder!!! *screams*

I love you Reese.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy busy busy...

Phew! I was so busy the last week and no time to blog, actually... too tired to blog. :)

First my in-laws came then a few days later my new maid came. I was so busy running around preparing for my old maid to go home and prepare for the new maid to settle in and at the same time had to make sure my in-laws are comfortable at our home.

Thank God everything is in order now. In-laws are happy and comfortable, old maid went home to Indonesia ( We had tears in our eyes when we bid goodbye...), new maid came and somewhat settling into a routine. I am happy with her so far. Very petite and has a pleasant personality. She is young and seems to know how to do house work reasonably well. Not sure why, I am very comfortable with her and have no worries that she will run away. In fact, just barely one week I left her alone at home with the house key. When we came back and she was still there... :)

Only problem is she has no experience with young children and couldn't handle Reese alone when it comes to changing his diapers! Well, just need to train her. At the moment, alot of training involved when it comes to taking care of Reese. She is learning English to communicate with Reese and surprisingly, Reese likes her even from day 1. That is good.

So far so good, I just hope she is going to be a good, honest and patient maid. I have been constantly asking her whether she is comfortable with us and she seems happy. She also knows how to keep herself busy and she sleeps at 10pm!! Hehehe....

Oh.... and to reward myself, I bought a new Nokia N85 mobile! My first smart phone. My previous phone lasted more than 5 years and it's beginning to time for a new mobile....

Reese is getting more demanding also and talks more and more in proper sentences too!

So many changes this month.... My plate is so full right now....ha ha ha...

Oh...did I tell you that hubby and I managed to go out for supper and really enjoyed it. The last time we went out at night for supper was more than 1 year ago! It's nice to have my in-laws around so that we can have some couple time.

One word to sum up my current feeling - Happy

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Maid

Huh? She has arrived? Really? Oh... *shock*

That was my reaction when the agency called me just now to inform me that my new maid is here. It's less than 1 month from the date I put in my application request! Wow!

Initially they told me that it takes about 2 months and we had to crack our heads as to how to make sure Reese has someone able to take care of him during the two months. So the only solution was hubby's very healthy parents from Penang. After explaining to them our situation..they readily agreed to come down to take care of Reese for a month or so until the new maid comes. They came last Friday night and it's barely 1 week and my new maid is here! Hahaha....
We even invested on a new washing machine and dryer and a 2 seater sofa bed for my in-laws thinking that they need comfortable accomodation!!! and my new maid is here!

After my experience with the first maid, I have noted some dos and don'ts and lay down some rules for the new maid... haven't even started on that yet and she is here!! Gosh... I am so not prepared!

We are going to send off our old maid this Wednesday and at the same time bringing home our new maid....

I am anxious... worried... will this new maid going to be worth paying the extra and that she will get along well with hubby and Reese. Is she going to be an honest and hard working maid? Is she going to be friendly? What are her expectations? So excited also....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food Poisoning

I have been sick since Sunday and as I write this post, I am still recovering from bad food poisoning. In 5 days I saw the doctor three times and took 2 jabs. I had terrible body and joint ache, I had diarrhea, I had fever, I had cold sweat, I vomited, I had bad stomach ache and crams, I couldn't sleep and most of the time I am on the bed or the sofa.

My poor husband had to take leave to care for me and my boy.

My poor boy didn't get to play with mummy.

It was a horrible experience.

I am glad that it will be over soon. I went to the doctor today and finally had to take 2 different antibiotics to clear the bugs! Ahhh.... should have given me earlier.

My Po Po (Maternal Grandma)

She is a socialite. She is a star in her own right. She co-owns a Karaoke (Senior Citizen) with her god brother. She is a teacher and she can sing! :)

She is affectionate, motherly and loud.

She is also fierce but when it comes to me, it is at least 100% less fierce.

She loves me dearly from the day I was born, she held me closely to her bosom and gave me kisses.

She commented that I look alot like mummy.

Every now and then, she would just stare at me and see mummy in me.

Just like Gong Gong, she helps take care of me. Mostly on my comfort, food and sleep while mummy is at work.

At times, even now she would take naps with me. Pat me and play with me.

Po Po loves to hug and kiss me and most of the time, I will avoid at all cost. :)

She has a secret weapon that used to work very well when she wants to get me to play with her, take my nap, change my diapers. Do you know what that is? It's her mobile phone!

Now I am smarter, I will only go to her for multimedia clips on her mobile!! He he he...

When I was an infant, Po Po used to fuss around me making sure I am taking proper nutritious food, enough sleep, not too hot, not too cold, not sweaty....

She took care of mummy after we came to stay with them for 1.5 months on my second month birthday. Mummy had a break from taking care of me, I mean it was hard work considering she was fully breastfeeding me and did not have a proper confinement. It was tough for mummy. During the stay, Po Po would get up in the middle of the night to care for me and allow mummy to rest.

Po Po is fierce but I love her. She do slap (not very painful) my hands when I get out of control or scolds me but I still love her. Now that I am older, she and Gong Gong would take me out for yummy lunches and car rides. :)

I love you Po Po.

** Have I told you about my Ye Ye ( Maternal Aunt)? Will tell you tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Gong Gong (Maternal grandpa)

My Gong Gong is a handsome YOUNG man. :)

He is a quiet and has few friends. A loving father to my mom and aunt and a wonderful husband to my Po Po.

He is gentle and very patient too.

Ever since my birth, he has always been helping the family to take care of me. In fact I filled his life with more purpose now; Taking care of his only grandson. I take up most of his day time on weekdays. :)

Despite slight disabilities with the right side of his body which was caused by a stroke after his heart operation 15 years ago, my Gong Gong still tries his best to take care of me whenever possible.

On weekdays I will go to my Gong Gong's house in the morning with mummy and kakak (maid) and return after dinner.

While mummy is teaching or out to work, Gong Gong will play with me, watch cartoon with me and explain what is happening in the cartoon. He is the one that manage my cartoon time. He is the one to look for when I want a certain CD.... hehehe....

Gong Gong will also sleep with me during my nap. He is always by my side to pat me when I get nightmares or just wanted to peek whether he is around me. If he is not sleeping, he will be reading newspaper by my side patiently waiting for me to get up or just to pat me to sleep again.

Gong Gong is very proud of me. He always teaches me new words through watching cartoon or playing. He never scolds me even when I misbehave! Po Po said that I bully Gong Gong. He he he....

Gong Gong loves me so much. He will walk out in the mornings to get bread and bananas for me. He makes sure that I eat my food and drink my milk. With the maid's help, Gong Gong manages me well. :)

Gong Gong will take me outside the apartment to play bubbles and a sometimes to the wading pool for some water fun. But due to his age and heart problems, he can't do that alot but it's ok Gong Gong, I love you anyway.... You have to take care of yourself so that you can see me grow up and take care of you then!

I love you Gong Gong.

**Tomorrow I will tell you about my Po Po and then my paternal grandparents....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mummy Sick...

Mummy is sick and daddy didn't allow me to disturb her, didn't allow me to jump on her and didn't allow me to play with her. I keep seeing a bottle of 'medicine' (100Plus) next to mummy.
Mummy is always lying down on the sofa or the bed and kept sleeping or just staring at me and smile with a pitiful face.

I learn a new word though. It is 'Sick'. I don't think I understand the word 100% but roughly. I kept saying "Mummy sick, mummy drink medicine". I think I miss playing with mummy. Daddy was having a hard time stopping me from disturbing mummy. :)

Mummy loves it when I go near her and just put my face close to her and keeps calling her and giving her the sweetest smile and that is also the time mummy realized that I am getting fat! Mummy made a mental note to reduce my milk intake... hehe...

Hopefully mummy get well soon.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Stages in toddlerhood

Two days ago, sometime in the evening, Reese was throwing tantrum and demanding for pencils and I was in the room teaching some children.

It was a little out of control so I had to step in and raised my voice and scolded him. I think he knew when I was angry and will look at me and stop his whining but the moment I went back into the classroom.... he started again! So second round of scolding and he stopped.

His mood was really bad so had to ask the maid to blow bubbles for him to play to quieten him. After class the kids played with him and one of the mummies was chatting with me. I complaint about Reese going through the terrible two phase and she laughed and said.... wait till you experience NASTY FOUR.

Nasty four? Didn't know there is another stage in toddlerhood! I wonder how bad it is going to be!! Anyone one experiencing nasty four stage????

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reese in Action

We had steamboat dinner with some friends on Saturday night. We gave Reese some soup and he liked it. He drank alot of soup until we decided to give him the bowl! For the first time, he drank soup straight from the bowl...not even a drop on his t-shirt! He even asked for more soup after that!:)

Creative talk

Do you speak with your spouse like that?(When child is around):

(After calming Reese down from one of his tantrums)

Me: Dear, did you keep his B.A.L.L.O.O.N?
Hubby: Yup, it's outside.

Me: Eerr... where is his little S.T.A.R?
Hubby: I kept it...

:) I used to laugh at parents who has to spell out certain words in their conversations to avoid the keep understanding what was being said. Now that I am a parent, it's really no laughing matter. It is essential!!

So what happens when he can spell? I guess will have to speak in Bahasa Malaysia and when he can understand Bahasa Malaysia? mmmm.... must speak in code... hehe...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Fun Time at Kizspot (One U)

Throwing balls around

Love the balls..

More balls...


Mummy come join me...

Who can I throw at?

Ah... sliding with mummy...

Last Sunday we took Reese to Kizspot. Paid Rm25(per child and free for parents) for some indoor fun (Parents and children must wear socks). Reese was a little scared at first and didn't like the ball pool! Took sometime for him to warm up. It was fun. I got to go on a slide with Reese too... Had to climb up and down with Reese and I had a sore and somewhat aching body yesterday morning. Getting old...haha..

Saturday, November 01, 2008


While playing on the bed before bedtime.....

Reese: Reese Matthew Kam....

Daddy and Mummy: (looked at each other...a little stunt) Wow! Clever boy (clapping hand and cheering real hard)

My boy can say his full name and he is exactly 2 years 1 month old !!!! Yahoo.... 

Friday, October 31, 2008

Conversation with Reese

Daddy: Reese, what is mummy's name?
Reese: (rolling on the bed) Floren...
Daddy and Mummy: Clever boy..... (smiling and clapping)
Mummy: Reese, what is daddy's name?
Reese: Adriannnn..... (smiling and rolling)
Daddy and Mummy: Clever boy... (very happy)

Mummy: (pretending to sleep)
Reese: Mummy.... pluck star.... pluck little star.... (there are stars on the wall)
Mummy: (still pretending to sleep)
Reese: (climb over mummy and gave her a big kiss!) Kissssss.....
Mummy: Ok...mummy awake...what do you want?
Reese: carry pluck little star.....mummy carry pluck star.... carry! carry!
Mummy: ok....carry Reese to pluck the stars...

Mummy: Reese let's go... go catch butterflies...
Reese: go see butterflies... big butterflies sleepin...
(walking towards the garden)
Reese: Hello green peas....
Mummy: Oh...say bye bye....
Reese: Bye green peas... (step on the pinang beans on the ground)

Reese: Mummy....roll ball.....
Mummy: Oh ok... (continue typing on the keyboard)
Reese: Mummy play ball!!! (getting angry)
Mummy: Oh ok.... ok.... play ball.... (hehe)

It's getting more fun talking to Reese. :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008


wahhhhgen..... wahhhhgen...
chocket milk.....
carrot juice...

My boy has developed a taste for flavoured drinks. Yes.... he is asking for them now. I used to find it weird that my boy didn't like sweet drinks... but now... he loves them.....

Yesterday evening at my mom's place....Reese ran into the kitchen and opened the fridge and took a bottle of Yakult on his own! We were amazed but also realized that it could be trouble!!

He is getting smarter by the day....been surprising us with many things lately.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

laaaa la laa la la.....

Sing sweet Nightingale....sing sweet Nightingale....haaaa ha ha ha haaaa ha haaaaaa......
Oh sing sweet Nightingale....sing sweet Nightingale...... (Cinderella)

Reese is singing..... :) not totally in tune.... but he is trying... about 50%....not bad huh?

Can't wait for him to actually sing properly.....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 longer envy...

Mmmmmm.... my baby gives me kisses all the time even upon request!
Reese will kiss me whenever he sees me 'sleeping'.
He will kiss me when I ask for it. Be it on the cheeks or even my mouth...lovely...
He even kisses me to bribe me to do something for him!! Smart boy.

I used to envy mummies whose kids will give kisses to them... ah... now... my prince is doing it too... yahoo...... :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Butterfly Park

Reese has been chasing and touching butterflies with me for the past 2 weeks at my mom's place. Since it's a long weekend, we decided to take him to the Butterfly Park in Lake Gardens. We spent about an hour plus there. Paid RM16 for tickets, RM1 for fish food and RM1 for camera. We were not sure what to expect.... but we knew Reese would be super happy to see so many butterflies!!!

Once inside, Reese got excited watching big butterflies sucking nectar at very close range... he got a little scared..cause they were huge...hahaha.... It was quite cooling inside, mainly because of the trees and plants and big netting too. Besides butterflies, they have a fish pond that runs like a mini stream and a turtle/tortoise pond. We let Reese feed the turtles/tortoises and then the fish..... they were big... it was fun for Reese because it's his first time feeding animals. We spent alot of time watching the butterflies and feeding the animals and taking photos and videos.

I think it's a suitable place to bring young children... it's not a very big place and thus...we don't have to carry or chase after Reese alot. Reese was in awe with the butterflies... just happily standing at one place watching the flying butterflies. It was quite relaxing unlike the zoo...where we had to walk and carry Reese alot. Reese actually enjoyed this more than the zoo.

So we had a good time and I do recommend parents to bring their little ones here. Not stroller friendly, do not bring a stroller... narrow walkways. :)

Self portrait of the family... this time.. didn't get a good shot of the family...only silly shots... hehe

Reese and mummy

Reese and daddy

Alot of fish and some were really big...

Leading Reese to the fish pond...

Reese feeding the turtles and tortoises

Hungry animals...

So tired....

Feeding fishes at close range....

Chasing butterflies with daddy...