Thursday, December 18, 2008

Being Bullied

What do you do when your child is being bullied?

Reese is a very good natured boy and lately he was being exposed more to other toddlers while playing. We realized that he is always being bullied. He was pushed many times when playing on the slide. While playing with toys in the toyshop even a younger toddler will bully him. Push him aside and take over his toys! What did my boy do? Nothing. He will just stare at kids and then move on or in the case of being pushed at the slide, he just sit there and let others push him. Hai.... as a parent I can only go over and remind the other toddler to share or don't push. I can't tell my son to push others or snatch back what is rightly his!

One parent told me to teach Reese to cry when being bullied. Do you think it's a good idea? I don't think so and how to teach him to cry? DifficultLAH. When at play with other children my boy is always being bullied by both older and younger kids (suspect older than him just that they are shorter than him). Reese looks big most of the time but actually he is younger than many of those kids! Poor boy! hahahaha.....

So is it better to have a softy or a bully?

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Anonymous said...

My son gets bullied too similarly like Reese. On good days, other mothers will be telling thier kids to be nice or "No, you can't do that to a baby etc." He does look younger than his age. There was a time a mother told my son that he had to learn to play with the older boys and I didn't believe she actually said that. I was pretty hurt but I got over it. These days when anyone is overly rude/rough/unfair to my son, I would say "Hey, you do not do......... That is rude/not nice etc. You should say/do etc" If they are mean to my son, I will be a lion to them!