Thursday, December 11, 2008

My little adventure with daddy

Tomorrow is daddy's 33th birthday. Last Sunday we had a simple celebration with daddy. Ama and Gong gong were here too. Mummy cooked 'Sau Mee' ( Long life noodle) and made 'Yong tau fu' (fish paste wrapped in tau fu skin). Gong gong and Ama bought a cheese cake for daddy. :) I had a little bit of the cake too.

Last Monday was a public holiday and mummy had to work and Gong gong and Ama also went back to Penang. So daddy decided to take me go 'gai gai' (go out) alone! First stop, we sent Gong gong and Ama to the bus station, said our goodbyes.... and daddy decided to take me to Ikanao Powerstation to play snow (fake)! I had a good time there and then daddy took me to The Curve watch the Christmas trees that can go round and round. We had a really good time there and after almost 2 hours of fun we went home. Daddy also showered me and I had my milk and nap followed by a late lunch of maccoroni and cheese. Daddy had maggie mee... hehehe...

Mummy was impressed when she found out about our little adventure. This is the second time I am out alone with daddy. First time daddy took me for a train ride and then we had noodles in town. That was a few months ago. :)

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Blessed mum said...

Happy birthday to your hubby!