Sunday, December 09, 2007

Reese in action!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

One Year two months six days old.

Hello. Mummy thinks I am a big boy now... :)

I am learning new things everyday.

Increasing my vocabulary as well. Below is what I know.
Car, bike, lorry, (ba) bus and truck.
(reeeain) Rain and (tunder) thunder.
Star, moon and sky.
Dog, pig, goat, chicken, duck, (can't say it yet) monkey, (ba) butterfly, bird, fish.
Red, pink, green and purple.
Ball, bear, (crock) clock, flower, (points only) fan, (points only)lights, (con) air-con, (points only)TV, water, milk, (points only)bottle, (does say something..but don't know how to spell it!) balloon...
(Mah me)Mummy,(dah deh) daddy, po po, ye po, ye ye, gong gong and ka kak.
momo (Elmo) and Barney.
Walk, (can't say it yet) sit, milk/nen nen and mum mum.
(points only) head,
(points only) ears, (points only) mouth.
There are some more words...mummy can't remember.... hehe

I have started to scribble on paper. I enjoy doing it. Mummy is teaching me how to draw.... nonsense...haha..

I like books... I would point to pictures that I know and say the names.

I also like to climb on to things!

Yesterday for the first time, mummy took me to the wading pool and I had a splashing good time! I really love playing in the pool.

As for food, I am still taking my usual blended vege/fish with cereal, I also take watermelon, grapes, steamed pear and apple, banana, mango, papaya (only very sweet ones).

As for table food, I love chicken rice, salmon cream pasta, mushroom soup, ministrone, fish chowder and a variety of meat.

Mummy will put up some pictures and also videos of me soon!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Midvalley Adventure....

zzzz.....sooo tired...

Going to have my fav chicken rice!

Where is my food?

Let's go daddy... I am bored...


Checking out new toys...

Yes... I am late for play!

Follow me...

So cool..

Rapper in the making..

Looking at the deco


Daddy and me

Kinda handsome

Graceful dancer

Hi everyone!