Saturday, January 12, 2013

Drum Lessons!

Reese took his first drum lesson on Thursday. This nervous mummy wasn't sure whether he would pay attention and follow instructions... Reese's teacher is a middle age man and seems to get along well with Reese. During the half hour lesson I could hear him teaching Reese and surprisingly Reese was following! 

At the end of the class, I have one happy boy and the teacher told me he was under control but talkative. :) I wonder whether these drum lessons will last! Master Reese is already asking me to buy him a drum set and was trying to convinced me that he really likes drumming. Ha!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013... A good start!

Our homeschooling journey for 2013 started really well, Reese did not complain about math and was very enthusiastic about it. Offering to do 3 pages of math every day! I guess asking him to skip repetitive questions helped. So 3 pages of math is actually equivalent to 1 page! :) As long as he learns, I am happy! Hope this will last...

I started work on Tuesday and goodness me, Reese was such a chatterbox during my classes! I was doing a lesson with my Year 8 students and my dear son has so much input to everything I was discussing with them! I had to stop him constantly but the fact is, whatever opinion or stuff he had to say was relevant and factually correct. Once again, I am in awe of his knowledge. How on earth did I have such an intelligent child? Honestly, not trying to brag! 

I realised he talks more and more and when he is around people, he is one hyper ball! No joke! He is playing better with other children too. I see more meaningful communication between him and his friends. He is maturing... yes he is... I am so happy. 

You know what? I always complain that Reese lacks empathy since young? He is getting better. For example, Reese will consciously check that I am not over burden with bags and other stuff to carry. He will offer to help me and insist upon it. He will read my facial expressions and the moment he detects sadness or out of the norm behaviour/expression, he will do silly dances to cheer me up or give me kisses. He always tells me that I will always be his 'sweetie pie' even when I am old (yeah right! haha...).... so sweet isn't it? In time, I am more confident that my son will fit into society well. 

Just recently, Reese declared that he has fallen in love with a girl. He wants to marry her and cook for her.... not just ordinary food mind you... hehehe... he wanted to cook special delicacies like stuffed mushrooms with cheese and roast turkey! (Reese is a foodie) 

My dear son is a clown/comic! He loves jokes/ puns/ tricking his dad and will laugh himself silly. He is such a happy boy and honestly.... very innocent and pure but at the same time, very very cheeky (doesn't quite make sense right?). He is also a very sensitive child. Cries easily these days over little things. Sometimes the words he used to tell you how hurt he was can really pierce through your heart. Damn! He is really that good in expressing himself. Ha!

Ice skating with his friends. 

Science Co-op at the Science Centre. Kids did a review lesson with me and then it was play time. We also had a picnic lunch. So much fun for the kids! I had a terrible headache after that. 

Friday, January 04, 2013

Primary 1

2nd January 2013 is the day where all children born in 2006 enter Primary 1. Looking at all the excitement among friends posting pictures of their 7 year olds in school uniform and all made me feel a little uneasy in my heart. My dear Reese was suppose to be in Primary 1. A faint moment passed me by ... did I make the right decision to homeschool him. I just cannot help it even though I have been homeschooling him since birth! I guess it is not easy to step away from the norm and take the road less traveled. The feeling of uncertainty always lingers around no matter how much I tried to sweep it away! 

Yesterday I felt much better because Reese went ice-skating with his homeschooling friends and I got to meet up with some mummies. It is always nice to have support from other mummies in the same boat so to speak. :) The kids had lots of fun. Reese spent about 4 hours happily skating and playing with his friends. Next week will be back to work for me. I wish I can have another month of holiday! :)

We started homeschooling again after a break. This year I would like to be a little bit more discipline with certain subjects. I hope Reese can be more enthusiastic with Math and we are skimming through grade 3 math now and by mid year we will start grade 4 math. I am reducing repetitive work as much as I can. 

We will be starting a new language arts program specially for gifted children. Hopefully this will be worth the money! Paying RM600 plus for a few books from USA is expensive. I have also enrolled Reese for drum lessons! He has 1 month to try it out. Next Reese will be involved with a drama program for homeschoolers. The program runs for 4 months and at the end of it, they will perform for real life audience. Not sure whether Reese will be able to stick to it but I am willing to give it a try. This year, Reese will have even more opportunities to make new friends.

Good start for all of us!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Stuff for Sale!

Thank you! All you faithful readers. 2012 was a great year for us and I had the opportunity to meet some of my readers in real life and I am happy that our life had inspired some of you out there. I hope this year it is going to be an even better year and looking forward to be more hardworking and blog more and share more with all of you!

To start of the new year, I have decided to do a garage sale starting with Reese's toys/books/clothing and some other miscellaneous stuff!

If you have anything you want to buy, please pm/email me at: 
email me at fojill76-AT-Gmail-Dot-Com. 

Pick up at Bangsar or Kota Damansara near IKEA. Cash on Delivery.