Friday, January 04, 2013

Primary 1

2nd January 2013 is the day where all children born in 2006 enter Primary 1. Looking at all the excitement among friends posting pictures of their 7 year olds in school uniform and all made me feel a little uneasy in my heart. My dear Reese was suppose to be in Primary 1. A faint moment passed me by ... did I make the right decision to homeschool him. I just cannot help it even though I have been homeschooling him since birth! I guess it is not easy to step away from the norm and take the road less traveled. The feeling of uncertainty always lingers around no matter how much I tried to sweep it away! 

Yesterday I felt much better because Reese went ice-skating with his homeschooling friends and I got to meet up with some mummies. It is always nice to have support from other mummies in the same boat so to speak. :) The kids had lots of fun. Reese spent about 4 hours happily skating and playing with his friends. Next week will be back to work for me. I wish I can have another month of holiday! :)

We started homeschooling again after a break. This year I would like to be a little bit more discipline with certain subjects. I hope Reese can be more enthusiastic with Math and we are skimming through grade 3 math now and by mid year we will start grade 4 math. I am reducing repetitive work as much as I can. 

We will be starting a new language arts program specially for gifted children. Hopefully this will be worth the money! Paying RM600 plus for a few books from USA is expensive. I have also enrolled Reese for drum lessons! He has 1 month to try it out. Next Reese will be involved with a drama program for homeschoolers. The program runs for 4 months and at the end of it, they will perform for real life audience. Not sure whether Reese will be able to stick to it but I am willing to give it a try. This year, Reese will have even more opportunities to make new friends.

Good start for all of us!


Mumsgather said...

You are doing wonderful things for your Reese. Cast away those doubts. :) Happy New Year to you.

Nina @ BabyBoon said...

yes i'm with mumsgather. cast away those doubts! if i could homeschool, i would. kudos to u!!

A gift from God said...

Thank you Mumsgather and Nina! :)

Angie said...

Doubts are inevitable, they will always be there, especially if you're taking a different way than others. However I believe, you've done your best for Reese, not all parents are brave enough to make differences for their kids, but you exceptionally are and I can't express how much I respect you for that. You deserve yourself a credit honestly saying ;)

A gift from God said...

Thanks Angie for the encouragement! :)