Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reese in action!

This is really cute.... check out Reese trying to make a funny sound which he just discovered.

My Cheeky Boy....

Compiled some cute pictures of Reese taken the last few days. His tantrums are more manageable or maybe we got used to it? Ha ha ha... nah... I think he is better now...and he was never a difficult child. He is very active thou.

We took him to the Lake Gardens on Wednesday and he just ran and ran and ran... he loved it there... had a good time looking at the fountain and playing on the slide. As for both hubby and I, we were dead tired chasing after him... Reese was so tired after that, that he slept for nearly 3 hours and we slept for 1.5 hours...

Reese loves to read books! Every night before bedtime or whenever there is a book around him... he will take his books to us and wants us to read with him. Lately I bought him more books and he seems to be enjoying it very much. His vocabulary is increasing steadily and I can't wait for him to speak in phases and then in sentences. Last night he surprised me by saying 9 and 10 while pointing to the 2 numbers! He actually recognize the two numbers! :)

Oh...for the past one week...not sure why...but he has developed really rosy cheeks!! So cute... hehe... It's still rosy.... hope its not going to go away...

I got one problem with Reese.... I can't get him to brush his teeth... and he refuse to let me use the tooth brush to brush his teeth! I am still using a cloth to clean his mouth and teeth... mmmm... wonder how I can get him to use the tooth brush... :(

Oh...and till now... he still dislike changing! Whether it is his clothes or diapers!

He is almost 16 months old.... 2 more months and I will potty train him.... Not sure how it is going to be......

Tango anyone?

Conducting a piece of music....

Mummy... I am coming for you...

How about some disco dancing?

Laughing is good for me...

Yum yum.... I love my milk...

See my rosy cheeks?

More laughter

Tasting the froggy....

Ain't I cute?

Friday, January 25, 2008

Chinese New Year

Ah.... CNY is almost here... I usually don't like CNY because I hate visiting and having to conform to all the traditional stuff!! The only thing I look forward to is to meet up with my relatives over reunion and first day of CNY. It's usually the only time I get to meet up with them. My cousins are all grown up and it's nice to be able to spend the two days with them and catch up on the latest. Well.. didn't get to do that the last few years because I got married and being a Chinese daughter and wife, I was required to spend reunion and the first few days of CNY with my husband's family. So by the time I got back to KL most of the CNY mood was gone, everyone was back to work and nothing much to celebrate and of course I missed my favorite Yee Sang!!! You don't get that in Penang.

So what was my experience in spending CNY with my husband's family?
Wow! the first year I spent it with my in-laws.... it was so different... I remembered vividly that I missed my family soooo much; actually I was kinda down ( a tear or two) and homesick! Ha ha ha... Now I am ok... I remembered how my mom used to tell me.. cherish your CNY celebration with the family now..when you are married.. you won't get to do it with us anymore! How true, how true...
Sometimes I wonder what's all the fuss about tradition? Can't we do what we like and why Chinese women are not given equal rights like Chinese men? Not fairlah... I am not a person who enjoys traditions... in fact I prefer not to follow any if given a choice. That's life I guess.... I am just glad I do have control over my own life and pretty much do what I want. I know for sure when it comes to my son's life... He can do whatever he wants.... I just want him to be happy, love us and have a family of his own!

oh...the good news....

This year is different!!!! I can't wait for CNY! Why you must be asking... because of hubby's new job and by chance it falls on a weekday... I get to celebrate CNY reunion with my family!!! No joke! I am really really happy and is anticipating the day since a month or two ago! Already planned what to cook for the reunion, can't wait to enjoy some of my favorite CNY dishes and most of all having a good time with the family. I never missed CNY celebration soo much in my life! ;) Silly isn't it? but can't help itlah.

What about you ladies out there? What was your first reunion away from home like? Share..share...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nearly 16 months....

Playing with my favorite dog

Getting down from the bed

Don't we look alike?

Caught on camera while napping!

One of my favorite activity... walking round n round on the bed

Trying to pose...


One of my dance move!

Two weeks ago, dad took me to the doc for my chicken pox jab and I weight was 12.65kgs and height was 82cm. :) Doc thinks I am growing really well.

As for food, mummy has introduce Chinese noodles but I only like mee. Not a very healthy choice of food. So only get to taste a little of it once in a while. I also eat different types of biscuits.. Fruits I can take apple (not steam), pear and I also tried plums.... yummy...

Me getting more mischievous but very lovable. No spanking yet, probably will never get it from mummy and daddy..... hehehe...cause I know what to do when they get mad!

These days mostly fascinated with vehicles especially Cement mixer ala 'murr' hehe... my way of saying it. I also dislike sitting in my car seat and mummy usually can't get me in. Mmmmm... what else to report? Yesterday went to the play land in Ikano... Surprise surprise.... I am not very adventurous.... dislike tunnels or close spaces. Most of the time I only play on the little play house; turning the captain's wheel and playing with the clock and running very very fast around the play land. :)

I like to stick to mummy when I am among strangers and I will cry when I see mummy leave the house. Lately I like to be close to mummy like wanting to sit on her laps or just being close to her. As for daddy, I love to spend time with him every night before bedtime (daddy usually puts me to sleep). Love the funny sounds he makes and all the little animated antics he does...

Lately mummy is exploring some learning methods to help give me a firm foundation in learning like stimulating the right brain. Wonder what's next for me to learn.... I know it's going to be alot of fun! That's all I care.

Running around the house before bedtime!

Friday, January 04, 2008


Above is one of the presents we gave Reese for Christmas. Since then he has been learning new words. So far he can say and identify the following pictures from his new toy:

b: Ball
c: Cat
e: Elephant (cannot say yet but can point to it)
f: Frog
h: House
j: Jar
k: Kite
l: Lorry
n: Nest
q: Queen
s: Star
t: Train
u: Umbrella (trying to say it...)
y: Yo yo

Various Animals from the Internet

Magnetic ABCs on his white board

Various Vehicles from the Internet

;) I am so happy that Reese is learning more and more everyday. So much so that I went and bought him a set of magnetic alphabets and took the trouble to download some pictures and later will print it and stick it up on the board so that he can see and learn.

To date, he can say over 40 words and correctly identifies them.

I am determined to teach him reading by age 3!! Yes.... oh..don't worry... no pressure at all... he enjoys every moment of his 'lessons'. Everything is through play and he loves it. I am really squeezing all my brain juices here! I want him to learn and most importantly have alot of fun!!!

Not easy considering I do have a weak back and I have to crawl and roll on the floor with him alot! :) I enjoy it thou.

Do you know that the first 3 years is when our little ones' brain works at its peak?? So teach them as much as possible... they absorb like a sponge!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blessed New Year to all of you!
I am now 1 year, 3 months and 2 days old.
Don't know my weight but mom thinks it's close to 12kgs!
Height last measured was about 78cm and I have certainly grown.
I am improving my vocabulary everyday. I can say probably about 40 or more words.
I love to laugh, smile, dance, play catch and hide and seek.
I also love to run and explore everything that is new to me.
I am beginning to be very demanding.