Friday, April 11, 2014

Reese is on the roll........

Reese drew these today. :)

Friday, April 04, 2014

Learning about the Perak Man (Museum Negara)

Sometime in February, Reese and his homeschooling friends went for a field trip to Museum Negara. The children learned about the Perak Man. The museum staff were very friendly with the kids and the activities were fun and informative.

The kids were first grouped into a few groups and each group were ushered to different activities. Reese had a chance to be a mini archeologist and did some excavation looking for shells, bones, stone tools and minerals. He was enjoying himself using all kinds of excavation tools.

Then he and his friends went on to draw. They learned to draw like the cavemen.

Next the kids used shells to make necklaces. Reese was totally engrossed in stringing the shells. My sister patiently guided him.

Our last activity was to learn how to remove whole pieces of bark from a tree trunk for clothing and also introduction to ancient stone tools.

We love the activities and they are all free of charge. 

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Books and More Books for Reese

Books I bought for my boy for this year. So glad that we have the Big Bad Wolf book sale yearly and because of the incredibly low prices, other big bookstores have to have warehouse sale and book fairs  to compete. I have been saving a lot of money!!

December 2013 - Big Bad Wolf Sale
Price of books range from RM5 (USD1.50) -RM15 (USD4.60)

Big Bad Wolf Sale 1st round

2nd round

3rd round

March 2014 - Big Bad Wolf Box Sale
The best sale ever. You have an option to purchase a box for either RM99.90 or RM79.90 and stuff in as many books as you like.

Bought a RM99.90 box and I managed to stuff in 54 books. 
Each book cost less than RM2 (USD0.60)

2nd round bought a RM79.90 box and managed to stuff in 24 books. Got a few hardcover cookbooks (not in the picture). Each book cost less than RM4 (USD1.20)


Books for myself and later will pass it on to Reese. :)

More books from a different book fair.