Wednesday, August 29, 2012

+2 -1

We had 2 very productive days and today was not so good. Reese had a temper trantrum and was crying a couple of times. Why? He was whining about that little bit of school work! Seriously... I had enough and lectured him about how lucky he is, not having much work to do....freedom to do whatever he wants...bla...bla..bla... 

Anyway, homeschooling is not always a bed of roses... we do have bad days! :)

After an afternoon nap, Reese woke up crying and eventually he decided to draw to calm himself down. Here is London in 3004 according to Reese. 

London 3004

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Done for the day!

I am going to work happy because I am done with our schooling for today! Yeah... another productive day.

Read-aloud a chapter each from two books over breakfast with Reese.

Music: Watch a few animated videos, dance to the beat... happy boy.

Math: 1 worksheet, Science: Completed half a week's work (half a worksheet), History: We did Babylonia today.

Science: Working on water works


History: Ancient Civilization

Art: Did another piece of abstract art. This time Reese confidently play with the colour and strokes. He did another architectural plan. This time it's a residential building with interesting features! Each house will have 200 rooms! :)

Our Favourite Songs on Youtube

Here are some of our favourite animated children music. Reese and I always have a great time dancing, singing to the music and having a good laugh. Hope you enjoy them too.

By Eric Herman

By Seed Family Worship

Monday, August 27, 2012

Privileged Life

8am - We went to the playground and played badminton for half an hour then off to a Mamak shop for roti canai. Reese spent the whole morning drawing and designing his buildings. Then we did 1 math worksheet. It's a privilege life. Why? because Reese gets to do things he likes throughout the day and just a very small portion of time doing school. I figured it is really alright since he is a few years ahead of his peers. Lots of time to just enjoy LIFE and develop his interest and passion!

The Duomo in Florence, Italy

Reese's first architectural plan. A building he wish to design and build in the future. :) It even has a figure as to how much gravity it can take! Uses wind turbines to generate electricity, has plumbing and wiring... not bad for a 5+ year old kid huh? But it only cost RM26.20 to build! *LOL*

First Architectural Plan

Then it is building Lego and destroying time! According to Reese, the buildings can't withstand the snow storm and is about to collapse!

Had MacD for lunch. Now happily drawing again. 

Later in the day it will be rock painting (got some rocks from the playground), history and science lessons! A great day for us.


Rock painting. Picked up 2 rocks from the playground. First time doing this.

Abstract painting next.... this was impromptu because lots of paint left and the tempera paint has been around for a few years! So why not.... taught him to just splatter paint and left him to have fun while I taught a class. Yes, I have to work. After 1 hour, he gave me a master piece.

Then it became this! Reese said this art piece shows 2 birds resting on a nest! Creative isn't it? 

The aftermath of a creative day! We still have not done any science or history yet..... oh well, tomorrow then.... hehehe... I need a maid.... :(

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reese at 5 years 10 months

Still a very hyper and talkative boy

Haven't really updated anything on a more personal level because I am too lazy to do so. :)

Reese is going to be 6 in less than 2 months! He has grown so much in every aspect. Last year we were worried that something is wrong with him. There were suggestions that he may have Aspergers but as of now, he seems normal. He plays with other kids, most people think he is friendly. He plays better with older kids so maybe we were just too anxious! 


This year Reese went on many field trips with other homeschoolers and he is slowly getting to know them. He always look forward to the next one. He is learning to behave and take instructions when he is with other kids. He has certainly matured. Yeah!

Academically, he is advancing at his own pace. As usual, he learns a lot through reading and self googling! We are doing ancient civilisation for social studies, science we are moving to human anatomy and physiology, doing multiplication, division and fraction for math, and reading Mr. Penguin Popper. 

Reese is totally into the Korean comics: The Survival series. He is trying his level best not to use those 'bad' words and phases BUT..... *Shake head* He is not only saying those bad words/phases, he will imitate their expressions as well!

He has stopped gymnastics because he has no interest in it anymore. Now he is into soccer with a Brazilian lady coach! Will see how long this one last. 

Doing a hand stand

 This boy is getting cheekier and very good at giving excuses when challenged. No longer the super innocent child! Ha.... I am glad actually. :)

He now weights about 27kgs (99% percentile) and his height is about 122+cm (95% percentile).

He loves building structures with blocks, Lego bricks and Lepao blocks. 

City under construction

Modified tank by Reese

A castle

He is crazy over buildings. He is like a walking dictionary when it comes to the world's tallest and would be tallest structures. He is even into futuristic architecture which frankly, we have no idea at all! Just the other day, he told us about dynamic architecture which involves moving parts of a building..... he can even tell us the architect's name! Amazing.... all these from reading, googling and YouTubing!

His latest ambition is to be an architect. Not working for others but he wants to start his own business to design buildings! :)

He is still into drawing but tends to be less detailed. Once in a while you will get a really good piece of art like today he did a piece about "What a huge economy should look like". 

A Huge Economy

Sunday, August 12, 2012

National Blood Bank Visit

On 9th August we went to the National Blood Bank for a visit. Very educational indeed. Learned about the whole blood, plasma and platelets harvesting and how they are used. Years back, when you need blood transfusion, every packet/unit of blood you use; you will have to replace it by getting friends and relatives to donate. Now, you don't have to. All blood supply comes from the National Blood Bank (In Klang Valley only). You pay a standard price of RM20 per unit/packet of blood used. 

Reese at the auditorium fooling around. Here we were given an introductory talk about the blood bank and what they do.

The start of our visit. Lot's of labs...

Our tour guide explaining to us about various things they do at the blood bank. They have over 400 staff and 60 doctors working there. 

A nice area for donors to snack and rest after blood donation.

This is where walk in donors donate their blood. 

State of the art equipment are used to separate donors' blood into 3 components. Plasma, platelets and red blood cells (which is 'pump' back into the donor's body)

A donor donating his blood.

Do you know that if you give birth in HKL and a few other government hospitals, you can request that your baby's cord blood be harvested and store in the national cord blood bank for free?? No need to pay a few thousand ringgit and yearly maintenance fee to private blood bank.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Is this a good habit?

What do you think? Sitting on the throne and read? The man wanted to give the boy a book while he tried to poo sometime back and I said no. To me it is a bad habit. 

Yesterday I gave Reese a book while he tried to poo and it took him forever to call me to clean him up! Really a bad idea. :) Tell me what you think.