Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reese at 5 years 10 months

Still a very hyper and talkative boy

Haven't really updated anything on a more personal level because I am too lazy to do so. :)

Reese is going to be 6 in less than 2 months! He has grown so much in every aspect. Last year we were worried that something is wrong with him. There were suggestions that he may have Aspergers but as of now, he seems normal. He plays with other kids, most people think he is friendly. He plays better with older kids so maybe we were just too anxious! 


This year Reese went on many field trips with other homeschoolers and he is slowly getting to know them. He always look forward to the next one. He is learning to behave and take instructions when he is with other kids. He has certainly matured. Yeah!

Academically, he is advancing at his own pace. As usual, he learns a lot through reading and self googling! We are doing ancient civilisation for social studies, science we are moving to human anatomy and physiology, doing multiplication, division and fraction for math, and reading Mr. Penguin Popper. 

Reese is totally into the Korean comics: The Survival series. He is trying his level best not to use those 'bad' words and phases BUT..... *Shake head* He is not only saying those bad words/phases, he will imitate their expressions as well!

He has stopped gymnastics because he has no interest in it anymore. Now he is into soccer with a Brazilian lady coach! Will see how long this one last. 

Doing a hand stand

 This boy is getting cheekier and very good at giving excuses when challenged. No longer the super innocent child! Ha.... I am glad actually. :)

He now weights about 27kgs (99% percentile) and his height is about 122+cm (95% percentile).

He loves building structures with blocks, Lego bricks and Lepao blocks. 

City under construction

Modified tank by Reese

A castle

He is crazy over buildings. He is like a walking dictionary when it comes to the world's tallest and would be tallest structures. He is even into futuristic architecture which frankly, we have no idea at all! Just the other day, he told us about dynamic architecture which involves moving parts of a building..... he can even tell us the architect's name! Amazing.... all these from reading, googling and YouTubing!

His latest ambition is to be an architect. Not working for others but he wants to start his own business to design buildings! :)

He is still into drawing but tends to be less detailed. Once in a while you will get a really good piece of art like today he did a piece about "What a huge economy should look like". 

A Huge Economy

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