Monday, August 27, 2012

Privileged Life

8am - We went to the playground and played badminton for half an hour then off to a Mamak shop for roti canai. Reese spent the whole morning drawing and designing his buildings. Then we did 1 math worksheet. It's a privilege life. Why? because Reese gets to do things he likes throughout the day and just a very small portion of time doing school. I figured it is really alright since he is a few years ahead of his peers. Lots of time to just enjoy LIFE and develop his interest and passion!

The Duomo in Florence, Italy

Reese's first architectural plan. A building he wish to design and build in the future. :) It even has a figure as to how much gravity it can take! Uses wind turbines to generate electricity, has plumbing and wiring... not bad for a 5+ year old kid huh? But it only cost RM26.20 to build! *LOL*

First Architectural Plan

Then it is building Lego and destroying time! According to Reese, the buildings can't withstand the snow storm and is about to collapse!

Had MacD for lunch. Now happily drawing again. 

Later in the day it will be rock painting (got some rocks from the playground), history and science lessons! A great day for us.


Rock painting. Picked up 2 rocks from the playground. First time doing this.

Abstract painting next.... this was impromptu because lots of paint left and the tempera paint has been around for a few years! So why not.... taught him to just splatter paint and left him to have fun while I taught a class. Yes, I have to work. After 1 hour, he gave me a master piece.

Then it became this! Reese said this art piece shows 2 birds resting on a nest! Creative isn't it? 

The aftermath of a creative day! We still have not done any science or history yet..... oh well, tomorrow then.... hehehe... I need a maid.... :(


Leona said...

You must be really exhausted after each many activities filled within one day...but sounds so fun and relaxing. At least Reese maximizes his day fully. With Ryan, he just sits on the sofa during his free time and reads his favorite books repeatedly.

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