Monday, June 17, 2013

MHI TV3 18th June 2013

Reese and I will be on live TV tomorrow. We will be interviewed on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI), TV3. The segment will be between 7.40am-8.15am.

The TV3 crew came to our house to shoot a few footages for the live show tomorrow

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It was a good exhibition....

It was indeed a wonderful experience doing this exhibition for all of us. We saw our dear son's taking pride of his work and being the perfect host interacting with strangers. We were glad that many people were inspired by his work and we also saw some bad sides of some very ignorant Malaysian parents.

Badly scribbled guestbook:

Throughout the exhibition, we had 4 guestbooks, 3 badly scribbled on and 1 went missing

Reese was so upset the first time he saw the scribbled guest book and after he calmed down, he wrote the 'rules' for signing his guestbook. :)

This was cute, someone wrote 'May I marry you?' and Reese wrote 'Yes miss, I will marry you'

We have certainly come a long way and met wonderful people who helped make this exhibition a reality

Reese tried his hand on Lego's 'Build Your World' competition but too bad, was not selected. He built some eco towers.

After the completion of the exhibition, he had a good time destroying all his 5 Lego creation

Penang Butterfly Park

Must go! So much better than the KL Butterfly Park. Not only do you see butterflies, there are various insects and reptiles on display. The place was very well done. Informative touchscreen platforms with interesting facts about the reptiles and insects. 

Hello world!

This picture do not do justice to this small charming and almost magical pond

Butterfiles everywhere....

Very well planned with various butterflies life cycles on display

Interactive touch screen

Reptiles and insects section
Love these touchscreen information kiosk

As you enter the park, you are given a nice little booklet filled with information about the insects on display

Butterfiles and insects of the world

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Penang War Musuem

Over the weekend of Agung's birthday we took an impromptu visit to Penang. It was a good weekend of Penang hawker food and we visited some places. If you are planning a trip to Penang with children, visit the War Museum and Butterfly Park. Definitely worth going. 

Penang War Museum

It is located at Bukit Batu Maung. It is a fortress built by the British army atop Bukit Maung, to protect the island against the enemy. Later it was taken over by the Japanese army and turned it into their army base with a dark history. Apparently locals kept well away from this for fear of its reputation as a place of hautings by ghosts of dead soldiers. :) 

The fortress was constructed over 20 acres of land, complete with underground military tunnels and ventilation shafts, ammunition bunkers, logistic centre, canon firing bays, sleeping quarters, cook houses and medical infirmary. 

This is an outdoor museum! So be prepare to walk, climb, crawl and have lots of fun. We enjoyed walking and crawling through tunnels and climbing steel ladders and saw first hand what it was like in an army base. 

 All ready to explore one of many tunnels in the museum

We crawled through this tunnel which led us to a 9 meters climb up a steel ladder. Reese chickened out when he saw the climb up!

My boys having fun crawling through the tunnel

A manual hand siren

Pictures of tortured captives

living quarters of various ranking officers

One of many tunnels leading to underground rooms

Walking around this place gave me a strange feeling, as if I am living in the past... 

Steel framed everywhere

In my next post, I will give you a review of the Butterfly Farm. It is better than KL Butterfly Farm! Stay tuned.......