Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 10 (Paris)

What an adventure... we took Reese to a clinic as his condition worsen. We had to take turns to carry him and he was so heavy... My poor baby was too weak to walk... The clinic is about 6 minutes walk. So tiring. Once at the clinic... We had a bit of communication problems. Even the doctor speaks limited English. After an examination, the doctor said that Reese is down with flu and it could be influenza. There is a flu outbreak and apparently it is at the peak. He said looking at Reese's condition he needs to be admitted and get a blood test done..... Sounded scary? It was! So they called a taxi for us. Wah! It's expensive! Short ride and it cost over 20 Euros.

At he children's hospital we were greeted by a really sweet doctor who at least speaks decent English. She did a thorough examination of Reese and then told us nothing to worry! It was just a common cold! No sighs of Influenza. Phew! So happy.

This morning Reese is much better and there was no fever for the last 5 hours. Hopefully he will be well enough to go see his Eiffel tower! Poor boy has been asking about it. Now we can relax a little bit and smile. Son is recovering and we can go home as scheduled. Suddenly I miss home!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 8 (Paris)

Bad start. Took a flight to Paris. Then a bus to the city centre. Reese was not so well, he has a cold and started coughing due to the cold wind. As we were in the Metro station, hubby found his wallet missing. Not sure whether it dropped or got stolen. Luckily there weren't much money in there. So we quickly find our way to our studio apartment so that we can make calls back to Malaysia to cancel the cards but guess what? My mobile ran out of battery and the adapter we have doesn't fit the wall sockets. Gosh! And by this time, Reese was already coughing badly when in contact with cold wind.

After a short rest we went to look for an adapter, got Reese a bottle of cough mixture then found Internet and phone services. Tried to call to cancel the cards but just didn't work! Finally had to call home and got my aunt to help. So that was settled and we went to Pompidou centre of art. Later that night Reese developed a fever. Had to sponge him throughout the night and as of now he still has high fever. Might need to take him the doctor if fever not under control. *sigh*

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 7 (Rome)

Today is the last day in Rome. We visited the Roman forum and the Trajan market. Reese was most interested in the Roman forum because of the extensive ruins. Once we got back to the B&B, he sat down to draw his own forum! In the evening we went Trastervere and walk around. Nice place with lots of interesting alleys and small shops. We had pizza for dinner and while waiting for our food to arrived, Reese were given some markers to draw and he drew St Peter's Square on fire!

Tomorrow we will catch an early flight to Paris. Our last stop of our vacation. Hopefully there will be internet! Ciao!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 6 (Rome)

We were out since 10 am and got home past 8 pm. Very tiring for Reese. We took many rest stops including Reese sleeping on the St Peter Square and street benches hobo style! Haha... Reese said this is how hobos sleep.

We visited Colosseum first and then took a metro to the Vatican city. Hang around there and had a quick lousy lunch at a self serve cafe. We didn't have time to go to a nice trattoria because our tickets for the Vatican museum was based on time admission. Surprisingly, we spent a longer time here at the museum and Reese was interested in several things. He was most interested in Michael Angelo's master pieces in Cappella Sistina. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the ceiling art. Next stop was the Basilica and then to the Vatican post office where we bought a post card and sent it to Malaysia! We were trying very hard to keep Reese awake and decided to let him rest on the steps of the square thus the start of the hobo style rest. Sleeping on the steps and benches. Quite enjoyable for Reese... Looking at the clear blue sky and watching people. As for us, we got a lot of stares and I just returned polite smiles. :)

We should have just return to the B&B but didn't want to travel out again for dinner. Pity Reese but we made it. We had dinner at another one of my favorite trattoria. Great pasta!

Today is going to be less hectic. Going to visit the Roman Forum and the Trajan market. Tomorrow we will be flying to Paris.

Some pictures of Rome, our morning breakfast at the B&B, Reese sleeping hobo style and posting our post card!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 5 (Rome)

Took the EuroStar train to Rome. Pleasant journey. Found our way to the B&B. Rested for a while and went straight to my favorite trattoria Cul De Sac for lunch. Their soup is to die for! Thick in texture and rich in flavor. After lunch we went to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. Before we reached the fountain Reese told us he wanted to toss a coin into the fountain and then sing a song. :)

Next was to the most famous gelato shop in Rome(can't recall name at this moment). We had delicious gelato.

Getting to these places required a lot of walking and even for us adults were not easy. Reese was able to follow and I am so proud of him.

On our back to the B&B Reese needed to poop and we panicked. Walked as fast as we could to find a cafe! It was a very tensed moment! As you know when a kid needs to go means immediately! Lucky for us we found a tiny shop. Phew......

So after we got back, hubby went straight to bed and an hour later Reese and I went to bed too. Reese has developed a cold and this B&B does not provide enough heating..*sigh* we all miss the B&B in Florence....we were so pampered there.
We are all awake and can't sleep. It's midnight now.
Some pictures of the food, train ride and the Pantheon.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 (Florence)

We went on a 1 day tour to the region of Tuscany. The day begin with a coach ride to Sienna. Journey time approximately an hour or slightly more. Along the way there was commentary on some of the important sight. Once in Sienna, we were given a tour of the place by a local tour guide and it included the entrance ticket to the famous church. One of the most beautiful in the world, the Duomo of Sienna. Then towards the end of Sienna tour we were given 35 minutes free time. Next to an organic wine farm for a yummy lunch and wine drinking.... Not tasting... Free flow of 4 types of wine produced by them. On the way to this farm the view was incredible. Journey was slightly more than an hour. After a good lunch and breathtaking view of the wine farm, we traveled to San Gimignano. One of Tuscany's best preserved medieval towns. It really felt like going back to the past! Here we were given 1 hour free time and my dear son decided to stay with the lovely tour guide! So hubby and I had some couple time. Next stop was Pisa and the journey time was an hour and a half. Very scenic view and Reese got to see snow! We have an hour of free time in Pisa and then back to Florence. This is a great tour to give you a chance to see these beautiful cities in the shortest time. We paid 160 Euros and Reese was free. Will give you more details when I get home!

Now, you must be wondering why no mention of Reese... Well, here you go....

My son is a lady's 'boy'. Very very sociable! The ladies in our tour group were all taken with him. Reese was always asking to be with our tour guide and even followed her instead of us at San Gimignano! No matter how she explained that all she was going to do was just sitting in a cafe and do nothing! Reese just refused to join us! Bribing him with gelato didn't work either. All he wanted was to chat with her. Hahaha.... Reese became famous among the group and many came to ask me his age and some came up to me commented how smart and knowledgeable he was. Reese was always talking and asking questions and he will talk to anyone (especially females) who was willing to entertain him. Most of the people in our tour group were Americans and so Reese had a great time chatting with them. Many were impressed with him pronouncing 'San Gimignano' perfectly. With Reese around it was certainly merrier. For a 5 year old, he did great because it was a full day tour and a lot of walking. Reese skipped dinner and slept. We all woke up at 3.30am and today we are going to Rome! Ciao.

Some pictures taken with my Ipad.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 3 (Florence) Part III

Are you bored with my updates yet? :)

Anyway, this evening we did not do much, went to the Baptistry next to the dome and paid 10 Euros for 2 adults (child below 6 is free). The ceiling of the Baptistry was magnificent! Reese was fascinated by it. The ceiling was art was mosaic art and it depicts the stories in the bible. Next stop was the Pontevecchio again to see it at sunset but we missed it. So off we go to find another famous restaurant for dinner. Had to line up even being early! Dinner was delicious, Reese had ravioli in tomato sauce, I had trippa in tomato sauce (cow tripe) and hubby had beef stew in wine sauce.

Our hostess at the B&B was really lovely, gave Reese a box of chocolate biscuits and a bottle of Chianti wine as a gift for staying with them. They really like Reese! My boy was telling them about us, what he saw in Florence and even hold the hands of the hostess and insisted that she follow him to see the next sight. He is so innocent and sincere with every word he uttered. We can see that he is proud of where he came from and kept telling everyone that we come from Malaysia.

Today is going to be a long and tiring day. Our final day in Florence. We have booked a 1 day tour to the Tuscany region. We will be visiting Pisa, Sienna and San Gimignano.

2 lovely books for Reese. We bought it at the Uffizi gallery bookshop.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 3 (Florence) Part II

After having a hearty breakfast we went to the Uffizi museum. We thought Reese would find it interesting but we were wrong. He was not interested at the art and kept asking to leave the museum! So it was a quick walk through of the museum.

Next we went to search for good gelato but 2 famous ones were closed. So we hang around Santa Spirito church and had a wonderful lunch. Next we found yet another famous gelato place. We ate our gelato on the Santa Trinita bridge while looking at the Pontevechhio bridge. It was freezing cold but my dear son liked it.

When we got back to the B&B, we were given another surprise! A fruit tart and 2 cream puff look alike....

Day 3 (Florence) Part I

It's 6.13am. Waiting to go breakfast! Our B&B provides breakfast at a lovely cafe down the road. We are given a juice, a few types of coffee or tea, a mini sandwich and a pastries/ fruit salad. I am already hungry!

Day 2 (Florence) II

Failed to get Reese to take a nap so we went out again to explore. Had a good time. Visited the famous Pontevecchio bridge, hang out at Piazza Della Signoria, did some window shopping and back to the B&B and this time we got Reese to take a nap. Around 8.30pm we went out for dinner. Gosh! So hard to get Reese out of bed. Had a really yummy dinner. Reese had penne pasta with rabbit meat and hubby and I had the famous Bistecca alla Florentina (1kg beef grilled) and fried vegetable.

Something interesting that I want to note down. Reese is very friendly to every one. He will initiate conversation with strangers, greets them and he will always say 'ciao' and 'nice meeting you' to them. Most can't resist his charm! :)

Reese developed dry skin and due to the cold, it caused redness and slight pain/burning sensation whenever I apply lotion on the affected area(both cheeks).

Still has jet lag but it is getting better. We all woke up around 4am. Today will be museum day! Going to the Uffizi, Gallileo science museum, Leonado Da Vinci museum and maybe another one. Stay tuned.

** Sorry folks, can't label the pictures. I am using the Blogger app for Ipad. Very limited functions. I can't even upload the nice pictures from camera. What you see are pictures taken from the Ipads. Once we get home, I will upload some of the great photos hubby took and detailed reviews of the food, great places to eat and the wonderful B&Bs we are staying in.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 2 (Florence) Part I

By 8.30 pm last night,we were all asleep. Hubby and I woke up around 2am and Reese got up around 3am.

At 8 am we went out for a lovely breakfast at a corner shop. We had cappuccino and juice, pastries and mini sandwiches. Next we went to see the Duomo and we climbed it. Over 460 steps! Reese had no problem at all, the view at the top was magnificent.

After the climb we went back to the B&B to wash up and rest. The B&B replenished our fruits and snacks! Plus a surprise for us! In the fridge was 3 wonderful desserts! Tiramisu, some chocolate coated pastries and pudding.

Next was lunch at a famous trattoria, while waiting for a table, Reese felt asleep again! I had to sit behind and support him. The place was extremely crowed and I was back to back with a Brit.

It's raining here and very cold but Reese seems to like the weather and don't mind the cold at all.

It was expected to rain and snow at noon time but we only see rain. Still hoping to see snow.

Now we are forcing Reese to nap before going out again. Stay tuned for the second part!

Day 1 in (Paris &Florence)

We survived the very long journey!

Managed to get Reese to sleep at 7pm and went to the airport at 10.15pm.

Flight (13 hours+) was pleasant and it was really worth paying extra for AirAsia's hot seat! We have so much leg room.

Upon arrival we waited for a few hours and boarded the next flight to Pisa, Italy and then took a train to Florence(some confusion on train schedule and platform boarding).

Our little trooper was totally enjoying the experience. Along the way he chatted with strangers and put smiles on their faces! During the train ride he even ask an Italian woman to have dinner with us! We can see that Reese is appreciating what he is seeing and the experience. By the time we get to a nice restaurant for dinner, poor Reese literary sleep walk to the place and sat sleeping while we had dinner.

There won't be many pictures until we get home because we did not bring my laptop. Can only upload photos taken from Ipad for now.

Picture shown here are daily goodies from our B&B. Better than a five star hotel!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What if you don't get to go....

Yesterday night, went to pick Reese up from his grandparents...

Reese: Mummy, why didn't you come and pick me up just now? (picked him up later than usual)
Mummy: I am now here with dad to pick you up. We had to park daddy's car at..... have dinner...
Reese: Did you suddenly go 'Opps' and remembered that you forgot to pick up a young boy?

(Mummy and daddy laughed)

Mummy: Reese, what if mummy and daddy go to Paris without you?
Reese: I will be very very very very very very..... angry.
Mummy: Then what will you do?
Reese: I will stomp, jump and shout and scream!!!! I WANT TO GO! I WANT TO GO!.......
Daddy: For how long?
Reese: For an hour!
Mummy: Now, tomorrow late afternoon you must take a nap ok?
Reese: What if you go without me?
Mummy: We will never go without you. We were just kidding.
Reese: Are you going to wait for me to wake up?
Mummy: Yes
Reese: What if I cannot wake up?
Daddy: We will carry you into the taxi!
Reese: What if....

Today is the day! 
Hopefully I will be able to update our daily adventures in Europe for the next two weeks!! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reese's first sentence in the morning...

Plane, attraction and train tickets! With the internet and GPS who needs to follow a tour! Free and easy is the way to go!

First thing in the morning Reese woke up with a sleepy face and suddenly became very alert and smiling from ear to ear...

Reese: ... It's 4 more days to the trip!!!!, tomorrow will be 3 more days!...... 2 more days.... the day after that is the day! I am so excited!!

He is truly very excited about the trip. Has been telling us that he can't wait to go! 

We are also very excited. Praying for good weather as you know it is very cold and snowing in parts of Paris and Rome... Keep us in your prayers yeah! 

We are sooooo ready to go....

Checked-in to all the airlines we are using (3 in all), printed our train tickets to Rome, printed all our attraction tickets, got all the online maps ready to be used with GPS, mapped out all the attraction and food places we are going to. Downloaded some new games and converted some movies for Reese's iPad. Managed to change our money to Euros at its lowest and lastly we have packed our bags. I have been packing and unpacking and still not satisfied! Trying to cramp 3 persons winter clothing, gadgets and Reese's art supplies into 2 cabin size luggage and 2 bag packs. Not easy. Last Sunday we even went to get ourselves lightweight down jackets/coats (our existing coats are very bulky and heavy) and these help to save some space in our luggage too! So we are all set. 

Waiting for THE day!! Come faster please.... 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Funny Reese...

He gave my mom this list of things he wanted from her home last Friday

My son is funny. Lately he is crazy over decorative ornaments. Since it was CNY, every ornament he saw at my mom's or aunt's he wanted them. He would asked for them. Sometimes successful and sometimes not so.

He got a little frustrated and wrote this list and demanded my mom to get him the items. He even illustrated them! I love it.

Activities this month...

Looking through a telescope for the first time. Saw a cloudy moon. After that he had a blast playing with some friends at McDonald's playground.  
One of the display at the Petronas Art Gallery
Reese wanted to take part and sat down to write and draw
This is what he came out with! Most of the messages are about loving Malaysia....but Reese... hahaha... 
Very proudly he stuck his drawing on the display wall. If you are there...see whether you can spot Reese's art piece! :)
We also went to see the Press Photos 11 at the KL convention centre. It was quite interesting. Free of charge by the way.