Saturday, February 18, 2012

What if you don't get to go....

Yesterday night, went to pick Reese up from his grandparents...

Reese: Mummy, why didn't you come and pick me up just now? (picked him up later than usual)
Mummy: I am now here with dad to pick you up. We had to park daddy's car at..... have dinner...
Reese: Did you suddenly go 'Opps' and remembered that you forgot to pick up a young boy?

(Mummy and daddy laughed)

Mummy: Reese, what if mummy and daddy go to Paris without you?
Reese: I will be very very very very very very..... angry.
Mummy: Then what will you do?
Reese: I will stomp, jump and shout and scream!!!! I WANT TO GO! I WANT TO GO!.......
Daddy: For how long?
Reese: For an hour!
Mummy: Now, tomorrow late afternoon you must take a nap ok?
Reese: What if you go without me?
Mummy: We will never go without you. We were just kidding.
Reese: Are you going to wait for me to wake up?
Mummy: Yes
Reese: What if I cannot wake up?
Daddy: We will carry you into the taxi!
Reese: What if....

Today is the day! 
Hopefully I will be able to update our daily adventures in Europe for the next two weeks!! 

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BabyBooned said...

Ooh so exciting!!! Have fun u guys!!