Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 10 (Paris)

What an adventure... we took Reese to a clinic as his condition worsen. We had to take turns to carry him and he was so heavy... My poor baby was too weak to walk... The clinic is about 6 minutes walk. So tiring. Once at the clinic... We had a bit of communication problems. Even the doctor speaks limited English. After an examination, the doctor said that Reese is down with flu and it could be influenza. There is a flu outbreak and apparently it is at the peak. He said looking at Reese's condition he needs to be admitted and get a blood test done..... Sounded scary? It was! So they called a taxi for us. Wah! It's expensive! Short ride and it cost over 20 Euros.

At he children's hospital we were greeted by a really sweet doctor who at least speaks decent English. She did a thorough examination of Reese and then told us nothing to worry! It was just a common cold! No sighs of Influenza. Phew! So happy.

This morning Reese is much better and there was no fever for the last 5 hours. Hopefully he will be well enough to go see his Eiffel tower! Poor boy has been asking about it. Now we can relax a little bit and smile. Son is recovering and we can go home as scheduled. Suddenly I miss home!


Ann said...

Praise GOD ! At least can enjoy Paris a bit and not just their medical facilities....

Journey mercies.

Linda said...