Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 (Florence)

We went on a 1 day tour to the region of Tuscany. The day begin with a coach ride to Sienna. Journey time approximately an hour or slightly more. Along the way there was commentary on some of the important sight. Once in Sienna, we were given a tour of the place by a local tour guide and it included the entrance ticket to the famous church. One of the most beautiful in the world, the Duomo of Sienna. Then towards the end of Sienna tour we were given 35 minutes free time. Next to an organic wine farm for a yummy lunch and wine drinking.... Not tasting... Free flow of 4 types of wine produced by them. On the way to this farm the view was incredible. Journey was slightly more than an hour. After a good lunch and breathtaking view of the wine farm, we traveled to San Gimignano. One of Tuscany's best preserved medieval towns. It really felt like going back to the past! Here we were given 1 hour free time and my dear son decided to stay with the lovely tour guide! So hubby and I had some couple time. Next stop was Pisa and the journey time was an hour and a half. Very scenic view and Reese got to see snow! We have an hour of free time in Pisa and then back to Florence. This is a great tour to give you a chance to see these beautiful cities in the shortest time. We paid 160 Euros and Reese was free. Will give you more details when I get home!

Now, you must be wondering why no mention of Reese... Well, here you go....

My son is a lady's 'boy'. Very very sociable! The ladies in our tour group were all taken with him. Reese was always asking to be with our tour guide and even followed her instead of us at San Gimignano! No matter how she explained that all she was going to do was just sitting in a cafe and do nothing! Reese just refused to join us! Bribing him with gelato didn't work either. All he wanted was to chat with her. Hahaha.... Reese became famous among the group and many came to ask me his age and some came up to me commented how smart and knowledgeable he was. Reese was always talking and asking questions and he will talk to anyone (especially females) who was willing to entertain him. Most of the people in our tour group were Americans and so Reese had a great time chatting with them. Many were impressed with him pronouncing 'San Gimignano' perfectly. With Reese around it was certainly merrier. For a 5 year old, he did great because it was a full day tour and a lot of walking. Reese skipped dinner and slept. We all woke up at 3.30am and today we are going to Rome! Ciao.

Some pictures taken with my Ipad.

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Linda said...

Reese certainly enjoy his time. When he come back here, he will say, "Mum, when will we go to Europe again?" haha or "mummy, Can we move to Europe?"