Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Art at 5 years 4 months old

Some destruction
Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang (We were there at the eve of CNY and we saw a lot of fireworks)
Reese saw UP yesterday and decided to draw this
Lately he is into Smurfs. Smurf village on fire because of a volcanic eruption
Buildings with lanterns hanging everywhere. What is interesting is the mid section. Can you see the perspective shown here of the narrow street?
Not sure what was the story behind this piece of art. :)
Waves and buildings.
Volcanic eruption somewhere in Italy. 
The castle in the movie Tangled with floating lanterns. See all the homes on the hill?
My favorite piece for this month. Forbidden City, China during Chinese New Year


Lalaine said...

Wow! your child is very talented!!

A gift from God said...


Thank you!! :) I am proud my baby.... I see that you uses Sonlight Core B?

Anggie's Journal said...

oh dear, i love his art work .. vy talented at his age :)