Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reese is 5 years 4 months old

I was just browsing this blog when I realized that Reese is exactly 5 years 4 months old. I have been a mummy for that long? Wow! I haven't blogged about his milestones for the longest time. So I am going to do so now. :)

Weight: 26+ kg

Height: 112 cm (or was it 116...can't remember but the nurse did say he grew 3 cm in the last 6 months and very tall for his age!)

Food: Eats adult portion and eats almost anything. The only vegetables he takes are broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, carrots and some leafy veges. Loves his fruits. Still prefers Western to Chinese food.

Personality: Cheeky, friendly, talkative and generally easy going. 

Emotionally: lacks empathy and ability to pick up social cues (issues we are working on). 

Favorite activity: Drawing, reading, building things and pretend play

Speech: Advance with huge vocabulary

Creativity: Very creative and has a wonderful imagination

Education: Generally few grades ahead of his age peers. Loves science. Dislike math. Reese is confirmed gifted but has not done any formal testing yet. He will be tested before the end of this year.

Physical: Not exactly on par with his intelligence. Not as flexible. Still afraid to climb up on high bars or swing on monkey bars. Not athletic material. Having said that, he is always moving. Cannot sit still except when he is doing his favorite activities like drawing.

Sensitivity: Still sensitive to loud noises and hates wetness. Even if it's only a tiny drop of water on his clothing and he will make a big fuss and demand to change clothes! (Gifted children tends to have issues such as what Reese is experiencing)

Ambition: He wants to be a teacher. He wants to get married on the second day of adulthood and have children and wants to teach his own children. He wants to build his own apartment block with over 60 floors and his wife to take care of us! Haha... 


justpassingby said...

:) Delurking to just ask, did you bring up the sensitivities to the pedi? Sounds like Sensory Integration Disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder... which is common with children on the spectrum, although not all children with ASD have SPD. Two of mine have SPD, and the psych thinks that my older one might be on the spectrum - possible an Aspie. But we are waiting for her to return to possibly get him tested... although there's not much else in terms of support that we can give him because he's already doing what he needs which is the OT and so on... Just a thought. :)

justpassingby said...

Oops, wrong... I meant to say not all children with SPD have ASD.

A gift from God said...

Hi justpassingby,

I have never heard of SPD until you mentioned it. I did mention to the pedi about Reese's sensitivity but it is not hindering him in anyway in fact now he is a lot better. After doing some research on SPD, I don't think Reese has it. Reese can dress himself and can be quite independent, only thing is he is not athletic but is able to do whatever that he has to do. Previously he had taken the Griffen Developmental assessment and his physical/motor skill was just slightly behind and its of no concern. :) as for ASD...well doc refused to say yes or no because it is unclear and we only need to work with Reese on his social skills. He is sociable but just do not know how to read social cues very well or being street smart!! Thank you for the info!! You are a great mom.... I see that you have done so much for your 3 kids!!