Friday, January 06, 2012

Fun Activities Just Before The End of 2011

With no classes and lots of free time, lazy me finally did a few activities that were long over due. We baked and made jellies! Did some crafts too. We went to the science centre a few times, did some science experiments at home. Overall it was a good break for all of us.
Reese helping me to mash bananas. Our first experience in baking a cake together!
Banana cake came out moist and yummy!
Silly me bought whipped cream and it melted in no time! So decorating the cake was not possible. Reese ate up all the M&Ms.
We made a batch of jellies together for the first time. Not bad at all.
Daddy taught Reese how to use a screw driver. Boy's thingy!
Both busy at work!
There.... a wooden truck.
Painting time!
I am King Arthur! We made the crown and decorated it together. Reese is very much into role play.


BabyBooned said...

Your hse looks good u know, F. i frankly always liked the flooring especially. So what have u guys been up to this new year? ;)

A gift from God said...

Thank you dear! Check my latest post.... very lazy to write lately.... one of those days i guess... :)