Thursday, January 26, 2012

Follow Up Visit at Sunway Medical

Yesterday we met up with the developmental pediatrician for a follow up consultation. The first meeting was 6 months ago. We spent an hour and a half with her. She did some developmental test with Reese, we had a chat about his progress over a couple of issues (mainly social). 

Overal there were improvement but there are still a few key issues that we need to continue to work on. His lack of empathy, his inability to 'blend in' with people, taking instructions from others and co-operate in group activities/ learning. Hopefully in the long run with time and maturity he will improve in these areas. 

The doctor also asked about our future plans for Reese. I always knew what I wanted for my son and yet when she asked us I was a little lost for words. I told her that I will continue to homeschool him as long as I can and when he is older we will enroll him for gifted programs from U.S. Deep down in my heart I knew I need guidance. My son is no ordinary kid. Hopefully the pedi can guide us along the way. 

The pedi said that by this year, Reese will have to take a series of IQ test and then we work from there. He should be ready for them. If we want to enroll him for any gifted programs, we will need those test scores.  It's not going to be cheap. 

So does Reese have Aspergers Syndrome? Maybe and maybe not. It's complicated. There are some signs that say yes he has and yet there are some that are contradicting. The pedi does not want to label him and just said that at the end of the day, what is important is that we are able to help him over come some of his social issues and thus able to blend-in in society. We agree. 

The pedi was also impressed with Reese's artwork but she commented that all his drawings lack human presence! She actually shown some of Reese's work to another expert and the first thing the expert commented was "There were no people in his drawings!". It's true. Reese never likes drawing people. It's not normal. Mmmm... 

It was a good meeting and we are looking forward to hearing from her about the testing. All these years, I have been wondering how gifted is Reese. There are a few levels of giftedness and each level of giftedness can be very different from the other. 

Level of Giftedness
Gifted or moderately gifted - IQ 130-145
Highly gifted - IQ 145-160
Exceptionally gifted - IQ 160+
Profoundly gifted - IQ 170+


lydia said...

Hi, I've followed your blog and enjoyed it very much. you did a great job with your wonderful boy. Is there any books that you could recommend that applies to homeschooling, or parenting an advanced child that you found useful?

A gift from God said...


I bought a few books on parenting gifted children and yet was quite disappointed even though all has been highly recommended. What was written were things that I already know and they are simply common sense!! Honestly, if you are hard working, searching the net for articles and resources will be sufficient. :)

There is this book( Creative Home Schooling-A resource guide for smart families) that you can purchase. It is a comprehensive guide to homeschooling for high-ability children. It gives you tips for getting started, options for learning approaches, curriculum resources, socialization and peer relations, research on gifted and creative learners, advice from homeschooling parents and websites, books and other resources.

This might be the book for you. You can buy this book from book . :)

lydia said...


Elaine said...

Hi, first time dropping by.

The moment I laid eyes on the drawings, I know he is very gifted. The strokes and lines are very matured, for once I could not believe that it came out from a 5years old. But come to think of it, all special children are showing the same threads in their drawing. Almost instantly you can spot that one.

From reading the update, it does sound very much like an Asperger to me, however this is just my own unprofessional opinion and I am not labeling your child.

Just to let you know that I have a friend whose child is Asperger, but the mum is working very hard to help her child. After one year, we see vast improvement in his social skills. I strongly believe we as parents can help our child to overcome whatever obstacles.

Ps: Is that Dr Rajini that your child is seeing? My son goes to her too.