Saturday, January 21, 2012

Educational Board Games

Think Toys (The Curve) is having a moving out sale and everything is 50% off. I went to their educational section and was so happy to see all the Learning Resources educational games. They have games for Language Arts and Math. It's really a bargain! Mostly priced around RM79 per set and after discount RM39.50. I bought 3 games. Came home did some research and all the games I bought have good reviews. :)
I bought Reading Riddle Maze, Cooking Up Sentences and Alpha-Bug-Soup
We also bought this for Reese since he asked for it. It was quite an impressive set. Has secret passage way and even a dungeon and a draw bridge. It comes with a few figurines as well. It was RM99.50 after 50% discount.

As they play, early readers build letter recognition and vocabulary skills. Players roll the die, pick up disks, and move the little critters. Then they call out words using the selected letters and collect bug disks when correct. Skilled players can make the game more challenging by adding new twists and turns. One variates is to increase the amount of words called out and used more letter disks. Add the timer and the pressure is on! It includes 16 Critters, 84 Letter disks, 4 game cards, 1 sand timer, 2 number cubes (Dice), 72 transparent chips and game board. For 2 to 4 players.
 Cooking Up Sentences
Proper grammar—easy as pie! “Chefs” follow recipes to make complete sentences by gathering and correctly identifying parts of speech. Draw a Free Ingredient Card, and add the funny word of your choice to the mix. Read complete sentences aloud for giggles and spoken grammar practice. Parts of Speech Cards feature color-coded backs for self-checking. Includes 19" square game board, 150 Parts of Speech Cards, 4 double-sided Sentence Recipe Cards, pawns and spinner. For 2-4 players.
 Reading Riddle Maze
Kids improve their reading and listening comprehension skills without even realizing it! Players read a riddle, then move across game board maze to collect the tile with the riddle's answer. Maze pieces, which can be rearranged, allow for multiple ways to reach the answer tiles. The first player to collect three riddle cards wins. Double-sided tiles provides two levels of play. For 2-4 players. Includes game board, 81 tile cards, 80 riddle cards and instructions.

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