Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Reese Matthew Sets Sail, Readies Revelation!

Hi! Shhhh! I'm still in hiding in my secret isle, so i'm whispering for now so you will have to strain your ears until October 23rd when all will be revealed..errr welcomed to my isle.

Apparently even though i'm still in hiding, there are some things i can reveal, for one, my name is a combination of Reese (Ardent / Passionate) and Matthew (Gift from God), which means i'm a Passionate Gift From God! Pretty Cool, especially that my brain has started to respond to sounds like the constant mix of dreamy and indie pop mix CDs that is being played around the house and the vehicle i enter daily. I've also been quietly listening to stories from the Bible about people named Adam, Eve and even Noah nightly except for last nite, when daddy was too tired...mildly dissapointed.

Another thing i'm 'in' on is that i'm getting a spanking new ride in the form of the speedy Quinny Zapp which will be used to ferry me on my adventures. Be sure to wave when you see me zipping along shopping mall corridors decked in my custom Little Pirate apparel.

I think someone's heading my way...so until further notice...this is Reese Matthew Kam signing out!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mummy and Daddy's sharing

Finally.... after much hesitation and laziness... We are finally blogging about our....ahem.... SON Reese Matthew Kam :) I (Florence) am now 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Just a summary of what happenned during the past 6+ months. Here we go....

Mummy's sharing:

24th February 2006

Got up at about 7am, felt unwell... went to teach anyway, after the first class... went to Seputih Clinic. Somehow, i asked for a pregnancy test. And yes... doc said i was pregnant! And i was taken aback... my reaction was... Are you sure doc?.... I was surprise, happy...actually overjoyed should be the word... been eyeing other people's babies for so long... and has always wanted one...hehe... i am going to have one now! Wow...let me tell you... I was so happy that i cried while thanking God for giving me this little precious one. When i called Adrian and told him the news, he was eerr.... the only word to describe was 'blur'. :) That's my boy boy. And friends... 24th Feb happened to be our 8th Anniversary being together.

March and April 2006

All day sickness struck me and i don't wanna talk about it. It's just horrible. Couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, vomited all the time, nausea, tired....... can't even remember our wedding anniversary! you got the picture?

May and June 2006

Started to have weird dreams and nightmares! My body kept changing, and felt baby's movement when i was about 17 weeks pregnant... funny feeling.... but was exciting.... tummy was growing, baby's kicks kept getting stronger but still no karate kicks yet and guess what? towards the end of June, we could see waves on my tummy!..... Adrian started reading and singing to the baby some time in June and then came World Cup.... obviously... the attention was shifted towards the big WC.

July 2006

mmmm...... had a little blood spot one day and got extremely worried. Both of us that night just sat there and looked at my tummy for some time hoping and praying that the baby will move. Phew... he did and we were relieved and i actually shed a tear.
I was getting physically more tired, more sores, more joint pains, swelling....it's so uncomfortable... Reese...you better be a good baby! Mummy had to endure all these discomfort just to bring you into this world!

Went for my usual checkup and doc did a scan. Said he was about 50% sure it's a boy but the nurse was 100% sure! so what now? boy or girl?

Started shopping for baby stuff. Gosh, spent a fortune on cot, mattress, car seat and stroller and etc...(Seng Chor and Christine were kind enough to help us buy the car seat and stroller from Singapore and they had to carry it around!! Thank you). We even went and bought books for Reese...can you imagine!
Did an ultrasound and found out that we are going to have a boy. Yahoo!

22nd July 2006! It's Mega Sales! Wow... we spent a few hours buying baby clothes, bedsheets, mobile and other essentials. We were so tired, came home with back pain and other pains! It was really satisfying..... when we removed the tags and wrappings... looking at the little bodysuits and sleepsuits...wow... can't wait to have Reese in my arms. The next day continued with more shopping.... Both of us were sooooo tired...but worth it despite spending about RM4000.00 plus in total for Reese's stuff. It's a little crazy i know... I think we are going to spoil the kid! hehe... ok..that's all for now. Daddy will share his thoughts soon.