Friday, January 29, 2010


When Reese was about 2, I always wonder how will I ever discipline him without using the cane, minimum scolding but alot of reasoning? There are books that tell you not to scream or shout at your kid, don't spank and etc.... Is it possible?

Reese is now 3+ and I am glad to say that he can be discipline with a little effort. He was never a difficult child. Over the past years, during his most difficult time (terrible two), he was smacked on the leg a couple of times, shouted at alot and I did scream a few times when it was too much! At the end of each session, we will feel extremely guilty. Kept telling ourselves we have to calm down and use the softer approach and eventually we introduced the 'corner'. Since turning 3, Reese is easier to discipline and by merely mentioning the corner, he will listen to us. He also developed a habit of grunting and stomping his foot when he is angry. Wonder where he pick that up!

I am just glad that we do not have to shout or smack him now. All we have to do is mention the 'corner' or do some reasoning with him and he will listen. I am thankful that I do not have a difficult child (especially seeing how parents beat and scold their kids in public and yet the child seems immune to it! Yikes!) but then again, I wonder when he is a teen, how do you discipline him then? Afterall, many parents will tell you that disciplining a teen is even harder!! Imagine, you definitely cannot shout as and when you like, definitely cannot smack his butt.... gosh... dare not think about it. Hehehehe...

What about your discipling style?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

After 2 weeks....

Ah.... 2 weeks past and I am very pleased with Reese and the school. :)

Out of 4 days Reese was sent to the 'thinking chair' twice! He cannot take instruction that was what the teacher told me. He cried when sent to the thinking chair and yet when I asked him whether he still wants to go school..... a very loud YES was the answer. Reese loves school. After 2 days at school, he will remind himself that he has to 'tidy up' after play even at home! :) Wow...

Every day he would report back to us what he learned at school. So far... two weeks of school, he learned a new song and sang to us (out of tune). Learnt to tidy up after playing (at home only when he is in the mood but if asked to.. he would), the names of his classmates and last Friday, he sang a Chinese New Year song to us in Mandarin and told us about China Town.... :)

He loves school so much. Teachers also said he is taking instructions and no 'Thinking Chair' during the second week.

So far I am pleased with the school. There are 12 kids with 2 teachers on Wednesday and Friday and 3 teachers on Tuesday and Thursday. Currently there is a volunteer helping with the class too. So there are 4 adults to 12 kids on certain days! All children are learning at their own pace and they are all given individual attention when it comes to doing activities and learning everyday. The teachers are really dedicated. As for snacks, parents of the children will take turn to provide and I have volunteer to do so every Friday. So children will have quality snacks everyday from Tuesday to Friday. Last Friday was my turn and I forgot! Hehehe... so ended up buying chocolate/sugar doughnuts and yogurt for the children.

Now that Reese has settled nicely in school, I am trying to prepare his homeschooling materials and schedules. Will be coordinating with the school's syllabus if I can. The teacher has agreed to give me a summary of what Reese will be learning and doing this year. Homeschooling for this year will start in March. Yippie....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day of School

Yesterday was Reese's first day at school. We were excited and wondered how he was going to react to school without mummy around. Will he cry? Will he ask for mummy? Will he listen to instructions? Will he be bullied?......

So early in the morning, packed his new baby Tigger bag with extra set of clothing and hanky and a bottle of water. Got him ready by 7.30am and gave him his breakfast at 8am. By 8.20am we were on our way to school. I kept telling him what he must do at school and that mummy won't be there. He seemed to understand and kept saying he wanted to go to school.

When we reached school, immediately he head straight for the classroom and started playing. Not even bothered when I left. Those 3 hours for me was like suspense. :) The head teacher told me that usually they will let the new kids go home half hour early so that they don't feel so threatened. But she didn't call me! At 12pm I was at the school, anxious.... as I peek through the window of the classroom, not exactly knowing what to expect.... but Reese was busy playing with other kids! Immediately I was relieved. He was ok. Had a little chat with the head teacher and was told Reese was fine thoughout the 3 hours except that he can't take instructions too well. Ah... I expected that! At home, he gets what he wants and we let him do what he wants within limits. Hehehe... Teacher said that it's quite normal and soon he will learn to be more discipline. Fine with me.

I was also impressed with the school. Student teacher ratio was really great. There were only 11 kids in the school and there were 3 teachers and an assistant! 4 adults to 11 kids. Wow... that's great isn't it? Really happy that Reese managed to get a place for himself there!

First day of school and he already came home telling me he learned about islands and lakes and he was able to describe them to us quite well. Even able to tell us some new friends' names at school.

When I told Reese we had to go, he refused! Wanted to play some more. Hahaha... Took him to McD for lunch and I guess hubby was anxious too cause at 12.15pm he called and asked how were things. :) I am proud to say we are lucky parents because our child seems to like school alot and we don't have to endure all the crying and heartache for the first couple of weeks of school! Phew....

Ah... can't wait to see some photos taken by the thoughtful teacher at school. Will post them once I have them. I am one happy mummy at the moment!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Day 2010

These are pictures of Reese having fun at Genting yesterday. He kept saying he wanted to go to 'cold cold place' so we took him there on the first day of 2010. The last few times were disastrous because Reese was either sick or too sleepy and caused a lot of problems. This time it was quite good. He also took his favourite ride... the skyway cable car. Don't like Genting anymore simply because it's way too commercialized and hardly any parks to just enjoy the cool air and let children run around. We managed to find this empty spot with a little stage to let Reese run around and enjoy the cool breeze. It was fun taking his photos. Hard to believe he is only 3 years 4 months old! Hehehe... he looks so matured for his age.

Friday, January 01, 2010

What a year 2009!

Happy New Year everyone!

We had a quite new year eve. I took master Reese to Bangsar Village for his favourite fish and chips and mushroom soup for lunch and then bought some groceries and master Reese wet his pants! He had to wear a diaper and tshirt around the shopping mall. Hahaha... on our way home we went to Tropicana City to grab 4 tins of his GainKid milk (15% discount!!!). Then I spent the rest of the afternoon entertaining master Reese and also did some reading. Cooked dinner and then had a supposedly nice lamb dinner (My lamb didn't taste as good like what I expected) with Reese having a difficult time chewing the lamb! Pfff! So master Reese only had croissant and half a choco doughnut, choco milk and grapes for dinner!

We all went to bed around 9.40pm... just tired and hubby woke us all around 11.50pm to watch the fireworks. We had a really good view of the many fireworks display from 1U and a few other places and Master Reese had a great time watching them.

So 2009 saw us continue to master the art of being good parents to an ever growing toddler, welcoming a new a quite demanding maid and subsequently we became one of the statistics of a family with a ran away maid!

We had our first taste of freedom for two weeks after more than 3 years. We backpacked to Europe and had a wonderful holiday. It was also our first time leaving Reese behind for so long. We missed him so dearly. The moment we touched down, we rushed home to see our baby!

We regained our freedom and privacy without a stranger in our home and the feeling was great! Work wise, well we all have our ups and downs but it's ok.

2009 wasn't a good year for my parents, my dad survived another heart attack and a nasty flu, thank God he is fine now and my mom had a scare with bad diarrhea (due to medication), gastric pain and after a scan recently, nothing bad just a pretty sore stomach that needs treatment. Phew...

How was 2009?