Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Day of School

Yesterday was Reese's first day at school. We were excited and wondered how he was going to react to school without mummy around. Will he cry? Will he ask for mummy? Will he listen to instructions? Will he be bullied?......

So early in the morning, packed his new baby Tigger bag with extra set of clothing and hanky and a bottle of water. Got him ready by 7.30am and gave him his breakfast at 8am. By 8.20am we were on our way to school. I kept telling him what he must do at school and that mummy won't be there. He seemed to understand and kept saying he wanted to go to school.

When we reached school, immediately he head straight for the classroom and started playing. Not even bothered when I left. Those 3 hours for me was like suspense. :) The head teacher told me that usually they will let the new kids go home half hour early so that they don't feel so threatened. But she didn't call me! At 12pm I was at the school, anxious.... as I peek through the window of the classroom, not exactly knowing what to expect.... but Reese was busy playing with other kids! Immediately I was relieved. He was ok. Had a little chat with the head teacher and was told Reese was fine thoughout the 3 hours except that he can't take instructions too well. Ah... I expected that! At home, he gets what he wants and we let him do what he wants within limits. Hehehe... Teacher said that it's quite normal and soon he will learn to be more discipline. Fine with me.

I was also impressed with the school. Student teacher ratio was really great. There were only 11 kids in the school and there were 3 teachers and an assistant! 4 adults to 11 kids. Wow... that's great isn't it? Really happy that Reese managed to get a place for himself there!

First day of school and he already came home telling me he learned about islands and lakes and he was able to describe them to us quite well. Even able to tell us some new friends' names at school.

When I told Reese we had to go, he refused! Wanted to play some more. Hahaha... Took him to McD for lunch and I guess hubby was anxious too cause at 12.15pm he called and asked how were things. :) I am proud to say we are lucky parents because our child seems to like school alot and we don't have to endure all the crying and heartache for the first couple of weeks of school! Phew....

Ah... can't wait to see some photos taken by the thoughtful teacher at school. Will post them once I have them. I am one happy mummy at the moment!


Baby Darren said...

Wow....bravo Reese....

You are indeed one lucky mommy..not many kids allowed their mommy to go away on the very first day.

He is sure an independent and smart boy.

Now, you have more time to do your own things.

BabyBooned said...

sometimes our boys really surprise us, don't they? :D i can imagine how anxious and glad u feel becoz i felt the same too! and imagine my relief when the teacher said that my son didnt even ask for me...! :p