Friday, January 29, 2010


When Reese was about 2, I always wonder how will I ever discipline him without using the cane, minimum scolding but alot of reasoning? There are books that tell you not to scream or shout at your kid, don't spank and etc.... Is it possible?

Reese is now 3+ and I am glad to say that he can be discipline with a little effort. He was never a difficult child. Over the past years, during his most difficult time (terrible two), he was smacked on the leg a couple of times, shouted at alot and I did scream a few times when it was too much! At the end of each session, we will feel extremely guilty. Kept telling ourselves we have to calm down and use the softer approach and eventually we introduced the 'corner'. Since turning 3, Reese is easier to discipline and by merely mentioning the corner, he will listen to us. He also developed a habit of grunting and stomping his foot when he is angry. Wonder where he pick that up!

I am just glad that we do not have to shout or smack him now. All we have to do is mention the 'corner' or do some reasoning with him and he will listen. I am thankful that I do not have a difficult child (especially seeing how parents beat and scold their kids in public and yet the child seems immune to it! Yikes!) but then again, I wonder when he is a teen, how do you discipline him then? Afterall, many parents will tell you that disciplining a teen is even harder!! Imagine, you definitely cannot shout as and when you like, definitely cannot smack his butt.... gosh... dare not think about it. Hehehehe...

What about your discipling style?


Ann said...

I am going through the BEST and the WORST of it now. And it is harder dealing with it pregnant.

Got to agree with you....really scary to see those kids immune to yells and spanks.

LittleLamb said...

I believe in firm discipline and I will not spare the rod. I;ve used the cane on Philip n he knows i m serious about it. So far Philip is not a difficult child to me. He knows there is a time for seriousness when he has done something really wrong n time for play.

BabyBooned said...

gibran has a temper (oh gee i wonder where he got that from?? heh..) and its really really hard for me to deal with when he's in a temper, because i have a bad temper too! so... sometimes i really lose it. sigh. but i feel guilty every single time. so.. i would say my disciplining style is pretty screwed up for now! one minute i'm trying to be patient.. the next minute i'm shouting! huh..

A gift from God said...

Hey Ann,

There are always better ways then spanking.... we just have to be super patient and not afraid to try different methods...

Good for you. As long as the rod is only used as the last option! :)

Isn't it funny...sometimes our kids just learn things that we are just clueless as to where they learn it from? hehehe... Reese is also like that... Just got to be patientloh... no choice... :)