Thursday, February 04, 2010

First Month Report

Had a little chat with Reese's teacher at school yesterday. This is what she said of Reese:

1. High level of concentration in what he does. Totally focus.
2. Likes repeating task that he likes.
3. More active than the rest of the kids in his class. (teacher is being kind.. hehehe.. in other words, he is hyper active)
4. Hates to be disturbed while playing/working on a material (various activities displayed on shelf). He will throw super tantrums!
5. Very good in UNDERSTANDING instructions. For example, teacher told him that if he wants to work on a new material, he must ask a teacher to teach him how to do so. He actually will ask before taking a new material to work on.
6. Not so good in OBEYING instructions but controllable.
7. Teacher thinks he is the physical type. Loves physical activities.
8. He does listen to teachers when told that he should think about what he did and be excluded from group activities for a while. He will immediately obey and he hates to be excluded from group activities. Hehehe... kiasu?
9. Teacher thinks that he is not ready for writing (totally ok with me... no hurry)
10. Overall he is good and a bubbly child in class. :)

I am very happy with his progress at school. At least I know he is not destructive and uncontrollable! Another thing I am happy is that so far no bullies in his class! Every time I go and pick Reese, some of his classmates will immediately call out his name and inform him that I am here to pick him up... sweet isn't it? I am really happy.

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