Sunday, February 28, 2010

Milestones at 41 months

Wah..... been so long since I updated his milestone...... just plain lazy!

Height unknown (considered tall as compared to his peers)
Weight around 21kgs to 22kgs

Speech - Speaks tooooooo much to the point of annoyance!
Vocabulary - Fantastic

Academic -
Writing (not ready to do so)
Math and Science - Random learning (Mummy lazy to teach and have not started this year's homeschooling)
Language - Pick up a few BM words, Hokkien and Mandarin

Physical - Loves outdoor play. Very active. Tried skating and he likes falling and bumping his butt!

Creativity - Getting better, will constantly use everyday things and 'turn' them to something else and play. For example, he will open up hard cover books and place them on the floor like tents and claimed that there are many tents and houses! Once he did that with over 20 books all over the floor! Lately, he will take a bundle of colour pencils and use them to lift up a table calendar (shaped like a triangle) and claimed that the balloons are lifting up the house and flying away! (He has been watching UP). He likes pretend play more now and getting very imaginative. He has been playing with alot of cars, garages and pumping petrol.

Food - Eats alot till I have to control his food intake! :)

Habits - Loves to stick himself to us when he sleeps! He likes his body touching ours and will always request that I hug him to sleep (loves it). He has this really weird habit when he goes to sleep, he must touch a pillow with a very smooth pillow case!! He will keep touching it and feeling the smoothness of the surface before drifting to sleep. :)
Still takes a nap daily and it's between 2 to 2.5 hours each.

Temper - Can be very bad temper but usually controllable. He likes to grunt and jump when upset. At times like a Red Indian moving around a camp fire! Hahaha..

He is also sociable and will play with other kids easily.
Totally not shy and way too active.

Phobia - He still has a phobia of very loud or noisy sound and still dislike very crowded places especially with alot of adults.


Blessed mum said...

wish my boy's intake of food is that good!

he's a smart boy :)

LittleLamb said...

seems to me he is doing very well..growing very well....

Good job ..

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Sasha said...

41 months and still doing the updates! u good la! I stopped writting about update since.. i forgot when. haha

Anonymous said...

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