Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hair cut done right!

For the past few months, we managed to get Reese to have a hair cut by a professional. It wasn't easy but each time was an improvement! Last weekend, we took him to have his hair cut again and I think we have found the perfect solution to get him to sit still and have his hair cut properly. We gave him the Ipod! He was so engrossed with the game that he didn't bother the hair stylist at all (Usually will move around and refuse to let the stylist use the electric shaver!). He sat there and in less than 15 minutes, all done. :)

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Baby Darren said...

As they grow older, it will be easier for them to go for haircut. Darren also refuse people to touch his head but lately he has been ok...also with the distraction of daddy's blackberry.

Anyway, want to wish u..gong xi fat chai to you and your family.