Sunday, February 28, 2010

Leader Material...

Had another chat with Reese's teachers on Thursday. This is what I was told.

He doesn't like group time. (Requires them to sit together in a circle and do singing and some other things together. He only sings and do actions for songs he likes. At times he will asked to go to the 'Thinking Chair' and then throw tantrum!

He now plays with other children and teacher commented that he is the leader type (I was surprised and happy). He likes others to follow what he does rather than he follow others.

As for learning, has to be done at his own terms! Teacher said he is different from other children because for others, when teacher tells them to come sit with a teacher to learn they will obey but Reese will not and he will grunt!

Looks like Reese IS quite different from the children at school! So far, he is the most hyper and will only do things at his own terms. *headache*

Hope he will settle in school well and start behaving like a student! Hehehe....

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BabyBooned said...

hehehe... dont fret, you're not alone in that boat! gibran is also the most active kid in his class. i get soo worried sometimes but i keep reminding myself that he's only 3 years old. hopefully these boys will get better in school as they get older, right?