Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 5 (Rome)

Took the EuroStar train to Rome. Pleasant journey. Found our way to the B&B. Rested for a while and went straight to my favorite trattoria Cul De Sac for lunch. Their soup is to die for! Thick in texture and rich in flavor. After lunch we went to Piazza Navona, the Pantheon and the Trevi Fountain. Before we reached the fountain Reese told us he wanted to toss a coin into the fountain and then sing a song. :)

Next was to the most famous gelato shop in Rome(can't recall name at this moment). We had delicious gelato.

Getting to these places required a lot of walking and even for us adults were not easy. Reese was able to follow and I am so proud of him.

On our back to the B&B Reese needed to poop and we panicked. Walked as fast as we could to find a cafe! It was a very tensed moment! As you know when a kid needs to go means immediately! Lucky for us we found a tiny shop. Phew......

So after we got back, hubby went straight to bed and an hour later Reese and I went to bed too. Reese has developed a cold and this B&B does not provide enough heating..*sigh* we all miss the B&B in Florence....we were so pampered there.
We are all awake and can't sleep. It's midnight now.
Some pictures of the food, train ride and the Pantheon.