Friday, February 03, 2012

Power Polygons

This is truly a fun activity. Power Polygons is a set of 15 different interrelated shapes. In all there are 450 pieces. Making two-dimensional designs and talking about the patterns provide informal and formal opportunities for Reese to explore congruence, symmetry, equivalence, and the relationships among the pieces. In future these can be used to teach him more advanced mathematical topics such as Pythagorean theorem. Reese created some really nice art with the pieces. 

 His 1st creation. Buildings!
This is his 2nd creation. It all started out as flower designs and eventually it has transformed into some mosaic design according to Reese.
Reese said the above is a stained glass church.

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MommyAngel said...

your Reese is very good in these, i would have a hard time if my girl were on these, she just dont have such good patient to complete all that n start screaming.