Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 1 in (Paris &Florence)

We survived the very long journey!

Managed to get Reese to sleep at 7pm and went to the airport at 10.15pm.

Flight (13 hours+) was pleasant and it was really worth paying extra for AirAsia's hot seat! We have so much leg room.

Upon arrival we waited for a few hours and boarded the next flight to Pisa, Italy and then took a train to Florence(some confusion on train schedule and platform boarding).

Our little trooper was totally enjoying the experience. Along the way he chatted with strangers and put smiles on their faces! During the train ride he even ask an Italian woman to have dinner with us! We can see that Reese is appreciating what he is seeing and the experience. By the time we get to a nice restaurant for dinner, poor Reese literary sleep walk to the place and sat sleeping while we had dinner.

There won't be many pictures until we get home because we did not bring my laptop. Can only upload photos taken from Ipad for now.

Picture shown here are daily goodies from our B&B. Better than a five star hotel!