Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 2 (Florence) II

Failed to get Reese to take a nap so we went out again to explore. Had a good time. Visited the famous Pontevecchio bridge, hang out at Piazza Della Signoria, did some window shopping and back to the B&B and this time we got Reese to take a nap. Around 8.30pm we went out for dinner. Gosh! So hard to get Reese out of bed. Had a really yummy dinner. Reese had penne pasta with rabbit meat and hubby and I had the famous Bistecca alla Florentina (1kg beef grilled) and fried vegetable.

Something interesting that I want to note down. Reese is very friendly to every one. He will initiate conversation with strangers, greets them and he will always say 'ciao' and 'nice meeting you' to them. Most can't resist his charm! :)

Reese developed dry skin and due to the cold, it caused redness and slight pain/burning sensation whenever I apply lotion on the affected area(both cheeks).

Still has jet lag but it is getting better. We all woke up around 4am. Today will be museum day! Going to the Uffizi, Gallileo science museum, Leonado Da Vinci museum and maybe another one. Stay tuned.

** Sorry folks, can't label the pictures. I am using the Blogger app for Ipad. Very limited functions. I can't even upload the nice pictures from camera. What you see are pictures taken from the Ipads. Once we get home, I will upload some of the great photos hubby took and detailed reviews of the food, great places to eat and the wonderful B&Bs we are staying in.

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