Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 6 (Rome)

We were out since 10 am and got home past 8 pm. Very tiring for Reese. We took many rest stops including Reese sleeping on the St Peter Square and street benches hobo style! Haha... Reese said this is how hobos sleep.

We visited Colosseum first and then took a metro to the Vatican city. Hang around there and had a quick lousy lunch at a self serve cafe. We didn't have time to go to a nice trattoria because our tickets for the Vatican museum was based on time admission. Surprisingly, we spent a longer time here at the museum and Reese was interested in several things. He was most interested in Michael Angelo's master pieces in Cappella Sistina. We spent quite a bit of time discussing the ceiling art. Next stop was the Basilica and then to the Vatican post office where we bought a post card and sent it to Malaysia! We were trying very hard to keep Reese awake and decided to let him rest on the steps of the square thus the start of the hobo style rest. Sleeping on the steps and benches. Quite enjoyable for Reese... Looking at the clear blue sky and watching people. As for us, we got a lot of stares and I just returned polite smiles. :)

We should have just return to the B&B but didn't want to travel out again for dinner. Pity Reese but we made it. We had dinner at another one of my favorite trattoria. Great pasta!

Today is going to be less hectic. Going to visit the Roman Forum and the Trajan market. Tomorrow we will be flying to Paris.

Some pictures of Rome, our morning breakfast at the B&B, Reese sleeping hobo style and posting our post card!

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Linda said...

took off shoes some more.... great experience to be able to sleep like that... :) Can't wait for your Paris update....