Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 7 (Rome)

Today is the last day in Rome. We visited the Roman forum and the Trajan market. Reese was most interested in the Roman forum because of the extensive ruins. Once we got back to the B&B, he sat down to draw his own forum! In the evening we went Trastervere and walk around. Nice place with lots of interesting alleys and small shops. We had pizza for dinner and while waiting for our food to arrived, Reese were given some markers to draw and he drew St Peter's Square on fire!

Tomorrow we will catch an early flight to Paris. Our last stop of our vacation. Hopefully there will be internet! Ciao!


MeRy said...

very nice place..

BabyBooned said...

loving the updates and pictures! hahaha the remark reese made abt this is how hobos sleep is hillarious.